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  • 2 Day – Advanced – Battle Skills

    This course is designed for anyone over the age of 18 who has zero experience with firearms but want to be safe and competent if they are ever required to use them; regardless of whether or not that is on a film set or during a live terrorist attack.
  • 1 Day – Proficiency- Battle Skills

    Students on this course will be taught more advanced shooting tactics based around multiple one-man/multi-enemy contact scenarios with a specific focus on drills such as snap shooting (reactions), magazine changes, “Double Tap” and transition drills from Rifle to Pistol.
  • 175 Leva PrepYou.Eu Gift Card

    The PrepYou.Eu Gift Card is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything! Valid for 12 months* and can be exchanged for PrepYou.EU products and services as found on the PrepYou.Eu website! T&Cs apply.
  • 2 Day Civil Defence Training

    Civil Defence Training is a two or four-day basic Military Skills Course delivered over one or two weekends. The course is designed by ex-military instructors for civilians to rapidly gain the key skill-sets we hope they never need to use. 

    This training package is …

  • 3 Day AK Operator/Designated Marksman Course

    Students will be taken through the 3 Day AK Operator/Marksman Training Package with over 700 rounds of ammunition and a variety of AK platforms and calibres (Including Draganov DMR). Targets will be engaged up to 150m including moving targets and a variety of optics will also be used on this course to familiarise students with the Designated Marksman role. Please …

  • Day_and_Night_Military_Exercise_for_Civilians Sale!

    3-Day/2-Night Infantry & Fieldcraft Training for Civilians

    This training package is for students wishing to experience operating in a hostile environment and will be thrown into a three-day scenario at the start of the course and will be living outdoors and at altitude the majority of the time so the correct clothing and equipment is essential. This is NOT for the faint-hearted!

  • Infantry_Training_In_Sofia_NATO_Standards Sale!

    4 Day Infantry Training for Civilian Groups (6 Students +) (Battle Camp)

    Please note: This course is for groups of six plus students attending as a group. Infantry Training for Civilians (Battle Camp) is a four-day/20 Module Military Skills Course for civilians focusing on core infantry (fighting) skills and delivered by ex-military instructors experienced in asymmetric warfare. This is not a “shooting experience course” and …

  • Active_Mass_Shooter_Training_In_Europe Sale!

    Active Shooter Response (Europe/United States)

    This one-day training package is suitable for those working in Retail, Hospitality, Tourism & Education as well as anyone else who spends time around these types of working environments. Delegates are taken through the reasons why mass shootings happen and also look at how to respond from contacting emergency services to becoming the First Responder (if required) in …

  • Advanced Battle Drills – Fire, Manoeuvre & Contact Drills

    This two-day course is spent with Day 1 at Sofia Training Area completing the dry training before we move to our 150m outdoor range on the outskirts of Sofia for Day 2.
  • Prepyou.Eu_and_TRB_Holsters_Offer_Advanced_pistol_Concealed_carry_Training_In_Sofia_Bulgaria Sale!

    Advanced Concealed Carry Training

    Spanning over two days, the course seamlessly integrates theoretical classes with hands-on shooting drills and Force-On-Force simulations. Our highly-experienced international instructors pave the way for participants, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of weapon handling, weapon safety and self-defence applications. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, our sessions aim to reinforce confidence, shooting techniques, accuracy and most importantly, …

  • Sale!

    Advanced Rifle & Pistol Marksmanship up to 150m

    This two-day course is spent exclusively on the live firing ranges with Day 1 focusing on Pistols Marksmanship (up to 30m) & Day 2 on Rifle Marksmanship (up to 150m).
  • Armed & Unarmed Combat – In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria

    In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria, PrepYou.Eu is proud to host a series of close quarter armed and unarmed combat training sessions at our secure training facility in Boyana, Sofia.

    We have chosen to work with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria as they share the same ethos of “honest, practical training without the …

  • Anti-Poaching_Bush_war_Africa_Training Sale!

    Future Strategic Concepts Africa Rural Operations (Anti-Poaching) Course (6 Weeks)

    The Future Strategic Concepts Africa (FSCA) Anti-Poaching & Rural Ops Course is an intense SIX-WEEK field training course delivered by a highly experienced training team which includes former South African Special Forces & Royal Marine Commandos. This is as far from a seven-day Private Military Contractor “training experience” as you can get …

  • Hostile Vehicle Drills – Live Fire

    This two-day course is spent with Day 1 at our private Sofia Training Area completing the dry training before we move to our 360 Degree outdoor range near Plovdiv.
  • Ladies Only Group Training

    The Ladies Only Group will start in mid-November 2022 from 1130-1400 (1230 Start in Summer Time) and offers the chance to learn alongside more experienced female shooters and Range Saftey Officers.

    The Ladies Only Sunday Session will cover 100% the same training as the mixed groups but with more emphasis on self-defence, first-aid and training scenarios based around …

  • One Day Rifle Course – Introduction

    This one day course is designed for complete novices who have never had any firearms training at all and all instruction is in English. Students will become competent on three different weapon systems (MP5, AK47 and Dragunov Sniper Rifle) and will be able to apply the Principles of Marksmanship with each at distances from 30m to 150 meters.