4 Day Infantry Training for Civilians (Battle Camp)


Infantry Training for Civilians (Battle Camp) is a four-day/20 Module Military Skills Course for civilians focusing on core infantry (fighting) skills and delivered by ex-military instructors experienced in asymmetric warfare. This is not a “shooting experience course” and cannot be considered “pre-deployment” training for any conflict unless the student has prior military experience with their own country’s military.


Infantry Training for Civilians – Battle Camp is a four-day Military Skills Course that can serve as a “refresher” for those with prior military experience who intend travel to support Ukraine in their fight against the Russian Federation. Close_Quater_Combat_Training_with_PrepYou_BulgariaAlthough the course is open to all civilians from all walks of life, we highly discourage anyone without prior military service from considering themselves “ready” after just 4 days training.

Those wishing to support Ukraine via humanitarian efforts should consider taking the 2/4 Day Civil Defence Training.

The course is designed by ex-military instructors for civilians to rapidly gain the key skill-sets we hope they never need to use. 

This is focused on Basic Infantry Training, proficient Weapon Handling on the AK (Kalashnikov) Platform (pistols are a secondary consideration), traumatic first-aid and Field Craft skills including patrol techniques, Ambush & Contact Drills, Signals (Communications) and a great deal more.

This is an intensive course.

Civil_Defence_Training_SofiaCourse Contents:  

The student will cover the following topics and more on the four-day/20 Module course:

  • Live & Dry weapon handling AK/Draganov, with some attention to Glock/Makarov and other “foreign weapon” systems
  • The British Army Six-Section Battle Drills
  • Fire & Manoeuvre – Individual & Pairs (Fire Team) 
  • Small unit tactics
  • Contact drills
  • Anti-ambush drills
  • Fieldcraft (living in the field)
  • Battle-field First Aid
  • Camouflage and concealment
  • Prisoner Handling & Searching
  • Fighting In Built-Up Areas (FIBUA)
  • Harbour Areas/KP (Key Position) Defence and Drills
  • Operational Security (OPSEC)
  • Communication Security (COMSEC)
  • Live fire over 450 rounds per student

What’s Included:

This price is based on a minimum of four students and a maximum of twelve

  • Weapon Hire
  • Ammunition
  • Instructors
  • Targets
  • All safety equipment, 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students are expected to bring suitable clothing, footwear and load-carrying equipment for this course

What’s Not Included:

  • Transport to  and from Range/Training Centre
  • Food & Beverage
  • Additional ammunition can be purchased on the day from the range at cost


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