2 Day PMC/TP Bulgaria RECCE


Over the past eight years, we regularly get asked to host industry VIPs as they come and explore Bulgaria as a potential training and pre-deployment location and we have several options for training partnerships. We are open for training & sales partnerships so please review the information below and come and visit us!



Over the past eight years, we regularly get asked to host industry VIPs as they come and explore Bulgaria as a potential training and pre-deployment location and we have several options for training partnerships. We are open for training & sales partnerships so please review the information below and come and visit us!

Our civilian training wing (PrepYou.Eu) is well established and a well-regarded provider of high-value tactical and medical training for “concerned citizens” and Hollywood movie stars alike whilst Juliet7.Com provides vocational training for security industry professionals and has a growing number of training providers covering all topics from counter surveillance, Tactical UAV (Drone), Anti-poaching and almost everything else in between with training location from Ukraine to South Africa.

These visits can be extremely useful for really understanding the many opportunities that exist for training partnerships with us in Bulgaria (and beyond) and can be tailored to the client/TPs requirments.

PrepYou Ranges in Sofia, Bulgaria
PrepYou & Juliet7 Range Complex close to Sofia, Bulgaria
PrepYou & Juliet7 Range Complex in Lozen, Sofia, Bulgaria

Live Fire Training Facilities

Located just 15 mins from Sofia city centre, our six-bay range complex is set in a stunning mountain location surrounded by forest. We shoot to distances up to 150m with both static and moving targets from under-cover and bench rest shooting positions.

Dynamic & Team based shooting is possible under proper supervision by a certified Firearms Instructors (Bulgarian/EU qualified) or with the additional supervision of our highly-experienced in-house Range Safety Officers (RSOs).

We work 7 days a week, 365 days a year regardless of the weather conditions.

Nigh-Shooting is available in winter months by request.

Live Weapon Systems

The PrepYou.Eu Armoury is one of the most advanced and largest of any training provider in the region. We have invested heavily in our weapons and maintain them to the very highest standard. Although we prefer the iconic and advanced Bulgarian-made Kalashnikov we have a variety of calibres and variants as well as other familiar carbines such as AR-15 and more in stock. Of course, we have a full and modern optics package for our weapons including red dots, reflex and magnifiers suitable for battle rifles. 

We also have small-frame carbines and Submachine guns, magazine-fed tactical shotguns and a wide variety of 9mm pistols favouring the latest generation Glock and Sig Sauer service pistols.

We have all weapons ancillaries in stock from shooter/war belts, slings, holsters, chest rigs, ballistic plates and helmets so can in fact equip and arm multiple teams for their training requirements.

All safety equipment is available with the majority being from market leader 3M.

A Selection of the PrepYou Armoury
Just a small selection of the PrepYou Armoury
PrepYou training team with Mr John Voight hen he visited us in 2023
Jon Voight with elements of the PrepYou Training Team in Autumn 2023

The Training Team/s

The PrepYou.Eu & Juliet7 Training Teams is made up of currently active, former NATO military professionals from multiple nationalities which include Bulgarian, British and Australian to name but a few. We are lucky to have such a wide range of skill-sets and experience which make our Instructors the best in the industry in Eastern Europe.

Priding ourselves on zero-ego, data-driven training we have delivered high-level firearms training to over 8,500 civilian students to date.

You just need to read the many 5-star reviews to see what our students think and why they keep coming back!

We are always looking for new experience and skills to add to our growing team so please make contact if you think you have what it takes to join the best-regarded Military Skills Training Team in the region! 

Night Shoots - By Request
A dynamic snapshot from the Advanced Concealed Carry Course, featuring participants immersed in realistic scenarios led by experienced ex-NATO and Law Enforcement professionals. The program, offered in collaboration with TRB Holsters by PrepYou.Eu, focuses on firearm safety, skill development, and split-second decision-making for self-defense. Open to permit holders and students from various countries, the training utilizes both real firearms and T4E Simulation Weapons in scenarios like active shooter drills and car hijackings.
Train 4 Engagement Simulation Weapon Systems
Medical training for self-defence is as important as how to apply a weapon in pressure situations
Medical Training at The Team House

The Team House

The PrepYou/Juliet7 Team House is a 100-year-old Colonial-style villa located in the most upmarket neighbourhood of Sofia, Boyana and also only 15 mins from the range complex and 10 mins from downtown Sofia.

The Team House is our Dry Training facility and is available for use by incoming Training Providers & groups. Boasting classrooms, offices, Skills range, indoor & outdoor training areas and even our own “Kill Cottage” for CQB training utilising our own HK416 & Glock 17 T4E Simulation Weapons for force-on-force packages.

The property is surrounded by great hotels and restaurants and is based at the foot of the trails of Vitosha National Park allowing us to extend our own training environments to hundreds of square kilometres and up to altitudes of 2,500m.

We also have full Student Stores with shooter belts, chest rig/plate carriers complete with Level3/4 plates and FAST Helmets.

An inside look at the Sofia-based tactical training center, showcasing cutting-edge facilities and expertly designed spaces for immersive training experiences in self-defense and tactical scenarios.
Classrooms in The Team House
The Team House is totally private & secure
A panoramic view of the state-of-the-art tactical training center in Sofia, Bulgaria, featuring modern facilities and equipment for comprehensive training in self-defense and tactical skills."
The "Kill Cottage"

Itinerary – Day 1

  • 0800 – Arrive Sofia Airport
  • 0900 – Check into hotel and working breakfast
  • 1000 – Visit Team House (Boyana) to inspect classrooms and Dry training areas & Student Stores
  • 1300 – Inspect Live Fire Shooting Complex, Weapon Systems and targetry
  • 1700 – Return to hotel
  • 1800 – RV at VIP restaurant for evening meal with partners
  • 2200 – END

Itinerary – Day 2

  • 0900 – Working Breakfast
  • 1000 – Visit Sofia
  • 1230 – Visit weapon dealer/s & armourers to view “exotic weapons” available for rent or purchase
  • 1430 – Lunch
  • 1330 – Specific requests are addressed here
  • 1800 – RV a VIP restaurant for evening meal and debrief/way forward
  • 2200 – END


Q. I’m a private citizen and I would like to bring groups to Bulgaria to shoot but just want to rent PrepYou weapons & ranges – Is this possible?
A. In general, No. Anyone using PrepYou weapons or facilities will be supervised by one of our highly experienced ex-NATO instructors.

Q. I/We are a fully certified EU-based Security Training Provider – Can we rent your facilities and weapons for our own training?
A. In theory, yes but under supervision from PrepYou Instructors or Range Saftey Officers. Each case is reviewed separately. 

Q. I am former military/law enforcement – Can I rent your weapons and just train by myself?
A. No.

Q. I am not a certified Firearms Instructor. How can I work with PrepYou to bring my students to you?
A. There are a number of ways of doing this from simply sending us groups and we can pay a referral fee. Many of our students enjoy working alongside the PrepYou.Eu Training Team and decide to become Range Safety Officers which allows them to design their own training under the supervision of highly experienced and certified ex-NATO Military Instructors. 

Q. Do you provide catering?
A. Yes! We can organise gourmet on-range catering or can provide MREs (Self-heating Military Rations – Meals Ready to Eat). 


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