Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 (Proficient)


The PrepYou.Eu Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 (Proficient) is an evolution of the Balkan 3 Gun – Level 1 Competition, which over 4 years has seen hundreds of students compete against friends and colleagues! Level 2 sees students moving around the range whilst carrying their pistol & rifle via a holster & sling respectively. The student will engage all 8 targets scoring A-Zone Hits (Centre Mass) with their rifles and Headshots with the pistol. This package is also available on the Sunday Session.


Balkan 3 Gun Level 2
In Level 2, Students carry their pistol, rifle and ammo at all times!

Three Gun Competitions are nothing new. The aim is simple, to shoot as many targets as quickly, safely and as accurately as possible from all three weapon systems; usually a carbine (M4 or similar), 9mm pistol and a 12 Gauge Shotgun.

The PrepYou.Eu Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 (Proficient) is an evolution of the Balkan 3 Gun – Level 1 Competition, which over 4 years has seen hundreds of students compete against friends and colleagues and takes into account the core skills of tactical shooting; Marksmanship, Speed, Discipline & Attention to detail.

This means all levels of shooters can learn, compete and get the amazing videos they want for their own social media or showreels so is a perfect activity for corporate team building.

The PrepYou.Eu Balkan 3 Gun is our own creation using the AK Platform (Kalashnikov), Glock 17 and Pump-Action Shotgun.

Please Note – This training package can be taken on any Sunday Sunday Session.

Whats the difference between Level 1 & Level 2 Balkan 3 Gun?

The rules are similar to Level 1:

  • Students have a total of 23 rounds to fire from three different weapon systems.
  • Students will move around the course to three separate firing bays.
  • In each, they have to load the respective weapon and engage all 8 Targets as fast and as accurately as possible before unloading that weapon and moving at speed to the next firing bay.
  • Your score is based on your time, rounds on target (minus 2 secs per RoT) and time is added for minor safety violations (30 secs each) or disqualified for major infringements.
  • The student completes the course alone and with no words of instruction.

Level 2 Rules

  • There are 8 targets and 23 rounds of ammunition.
  • The student will carry their rifle and pistol at all times (Sling & holster* respectively)
  • The student will Load and Make ready the appropriate weapon in the relevant firing bay and engage the targets of their choice.
  • All rifle hits must be recorded in the A-Zone (Central Mass) of the target.
  • All Pistol hits must be headshots.
  • All weapons must be cleared before moving to next firing bay.


  • Total time taken to complete the course minus 2 seconds for every Round on Target (RoT)
The RSO/Instructor’s Decision is FINAL!

    What’s Included:

    • 4-5hr Advanced Weapon Competency Training on AK47, Glock 17 and Pump-action shot-gun
    • Additional training includes “Working from your belt” with holster and magazine pouches
    • All weapon rental
    • All holsters and slings (Please wear a good belt on the day)
    • All ammunition – 120 Rounds
    • All range rental & targets
    • All safety equipment
    • One x “Balkan 3 Gun Gun-Run

    What’s Not Included:


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