The Sunday Session is a weekly training event for our Advanced Shooters who have previously completed their Weapon Competency Training and want to maintain their new skills. 

For over 8 years, we have prided ourselves on delivering high-quality tactical firearms training for all types of civilians from all over the world!

Once a student has passed any of our Weapon Competency Courses, Grabo.Bg Training Courses or have completed their first Private Lesson, are eligible to join the Sunday Session within 12 months of their initial training date. The Sunday Session also “resets” their Weapon Competency pass date for a further 12 months.

The Sunday Session is also the time the PrepYou.Eu Instructors get to train themselves to maintain their all important skill-sets and Advanced Shooters are encouraged to participate! Further to that, this is the day of the week we come together with students we know well and use the opportunity to test out new drills or even complete training packages before we realease them on the general public.

The Sunday Session has literally been attended by Oscar winning Hollywood Film stars to members of international Royal families over the years.

Sundays have never been so much fun!
Advanced Firearms Training Every Sunday in Sofia, Bulgaria with PrepYou

What the Students Say

“I'm an experienced long-range shooter in Australia so I was missing the fun and social side of shooting until I found PrepYou.Eu and The Sunday Session. I have developed my pistol shooting over the past 12 months and have my own Glock in the Gun Hotel and try to never miss a session if I'm in Sofia!”
Ray W - Australia
“I visit PrepYou.Eu from the Netherlands for a long-weekend about every 3 months for a set of Private Lessons. I always join the Sunday Session before I head home. I have made some good international friends on the range and it's a great way to start the new week! ”
Max - Netherlands

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