The perfect location for corporate teambuilding is only 15 mins from Downtown Sofia

The concept of “Team Building” in Bulgaria is usually nothing more than a drinking contest with your boss at a nice spa hotel… somewhere! If you are bored of this, please read on.

We believe that the world has changed very recently and employers need to start addressing the fears of their employees but at the same time do so to empower them; not scare them.

We are ideally placed to deliver training via a fun team building format which ticks all the boxes for “fun & games” yet allows your staff to tackle a host of situations they could never have imagined before they met PrepYou.Eu!

Our Team Building Packages are based just outside of  Sofia (Lozen Village) and utilise our large training areas that offers the ability to deliver ultra-realistic scenarios. Your staff can learn to deal with the following:

  • Mass casualty situation training – This element is a total of 4 hours and allows us to transfer basic skills for life-saving & support to your staff. This takes into account the likelihood of a member of staff being involved in a number of situations from an Active Shooter (such as the 2015 Paris Attacks) down to a road traffic accident (RTA) on the Trakia Highway – Europe’s most dangerous road. We can also do additional modules in child trauma care for your parents.
  • Self-Defense – Via systems such as Krav Maga (or similar) we are able to deliver methods that will allow your staff to defend themselves in a number of situations from a simple mugging to sexual assault (if applicable). This is great fun and quickly rewards the student with skills they will keep for life.
  • Mutual Support – Apart from learning how to return fire with a variety of weapon systems, we also teach your team to move together as a unit whilst firing their weapons to provide covering fire for colleagues and bystanders. There can be no better definition of “teamwork” than the office secretary giving her boss live fire support as he moves to capture or destroy a target!
  • Basic Weapon competency – Using blank fire and Airsoft weapons we can teach your team basic weapon handling and safety drills to ensure they are able to make a firearm safe and potentially use if they were to ever come across a discarded weapon.
  • Mindest training – Did you know you have an 80% chance of surviving a terrorist attack if you know how to fight back? This module examines a number of scenarios to help the student decide if they should “fight or flight” (fight or run away).
  • Communication in a crisis – Again, taking lessons learned from multiple recent terror attacks we can demonstrate what worked… and what did not. This also allows a student to understand what happens to the information they should deliver to emergency services and other real-world applications.
  • Conflict resolution – The best way of avoiding danger is to be able to walk away from it. This module examines communication techniques with angry and irrational individuals that could easily escalate into a more serious situation. The majority of your [male] staff have probably found themselves in similar situations through their lives at football matches or even at their local pub.
  • Intermediate Weapon competency – Most people have never fired a weapon at all. We will not only allow you to fire live ammunition but we will also train you on how to effectively use those weapons. For example, we are providing a lot of training on the Makarov (Bulgarian Police issue pistol) and the AK47 platform as these are likely to be the weapons used in any terror attack in Bulgaria or overseas.
Our Instructors

We use a host of highly experienced Bulgarian, British and US ex-military instructors many of who have served in Elite or Special Forces in some of the most dangerous places on Earth. They are in their own right, legends.

Photos & Video
We Assume you all want a selfie?! No problem and for those companies wanting to document their experience forever, our good friends at Nu Boyana Film Studios are on hand to give you a movie production quality film of your time with us!