BUG OUT! – Introduction to Fieldcraft & Survival in Eastern Europe (2024)

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This one-day introductory course is part of our Citizen Soldier Programme and is designed to expose the students to the practicalities of planning & preparing for a Worst Case Scenario (WCS) and the execution of that plan in the event of a series incident that covers mass-public disorder (Riots & Revolutions), natural disasters (Flooding, earthquake) to foreign nation invasion (See Ukraine).

The training is delivered in our secure Team House Training Centre located in Boyana, Sofia on the edge of the National Park, a stone’s throw from the hiking trails of Vitosha as well as the village centre, public transport and Spark drop-off area (Full location will be received in subsequent Joining Instructions).



This course is NOT intended to prepare students to live off the land indefinitely Bear Grylls Style but is much more focused on the military principles of SERE – Survive – Evade – Resist – Escape. This course also forms part of the syllabus for the Citizen Soldier Programme.

Taking the students through a Worst Case Scenario based on recent real-world events, we prepare our mindset, evacuation plan & equipment accordingly. Whilst delegates learn the Principles of Survival, there is as much emphasis on planning and contingency planning during this workshop-style training package. 

The small group is taken through a series of practical and hands-on lessons at our training facility and leaves with all training materials as well as a range of Aide Memories and other training tools and references to continue their resilience preparation.

This course is also a good base for those wishing to get some experience in “military fieldcraft” before enlisting in their nation’s armed forces.

The Team House - Boyana, Sofia

Training Location

The training is delivered in our secure Team House Training Centre located in Boyana, Sofia on the edge of the National Park, a stone’s throw from the hiking trails of Vitosha as well as the village centre, public transport and Spark drop-off area (Full location will be received in subsequent Joining Instructions).

Although we have nice warm classrooms at the Team House, we try and keep the students outside with hands-on lessons for the majority of the course. Even on the coldest days we can help the students to prepare a raging fire at our outdoor catering area but of course they won’t be using matches or a lighter to get it started!

Students do not need to bring any food with them as they will be provided military self-heating rations to prepare for themselves!

Cooking with MREs on the fieldcraft and survival course from PrepYou
Fieldcraft & Survival Course in Sofia Bulgaria with PrepYou.Eu
Topics Covered:
  • Planning & Risk Mitigation
    • Types of scenarios we may encounter as civilians
    • Mindset preparation
      • Grey Man Status
    • Bug our routes
      • Crossing borders
      • Checkpoints
    • Escape & Evasion Considerations
      • Evading “Hunter Force”
  • Crisis Communications
    • When the cells go down
    • Radios (PMR)
    • Emergency GPS
  • Kit & Equipment
    • Military Belt Orders & Packs
    • Blades & tools
    • Civilians Kit & Bug Out Bag
      • Winter
      • Summer
    • Survival Kit/s
      • Off-the-shelf vs Home-Made
    • First Aid Kits – Preparing an Individual or Team First Aid Kit
      • Shelter Building
        • Simple Bivouacs & other improvised shelters
        • “The Basha”
        • Covert shelters & hides
      • Fire Starting
        • Ferro rods and other methods
      • Water
        • Water sources
        • Filtration & purification
      • Food
        • Prepare your own “MRE”
        • Trapping & foraging 
      • First Aid
        • Likely incidents?
        • Application of tourniquet
        • Controlling mass bleeds
          • Wound packing & dressing
        • Burns
      • Land Navigation
        • Use of map and compass
        • Route Planning & Setting Waypoints
        • Location of caches 

      Students looking for further advanced training of this type should look at our Citizen Soldier Programme which covers in-depth learning of topics such as CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiation & Nuclear), Multi-Platform Firearms as well as extended (5-day) Civil Defence Training.

      Eating MRE Military Rations on PrepYOu Field Craft & Survival

      Minimum Kit Requirement

      • Warm clothing & hiking boots
      • Day sack (small backpack)
      • Small (lockable) folding knife or multi-tool
      • Notebook & pen
      • Compass (Silva or similar)

        What’s Included:

        • All Instruction and training material
          • All training material including additional Aide Memoires and other references will be shared with Students after training is complete
        • Water
        • MRE (Meals Ready To Eat Military Self-Heating) Ration Pack – Prepared by the students

          What’s Not Included:

          • Other food & beverage
          • Transport to and from Training Centre
          Fire Starting
          Shelter Building!
          Medical training for self-defence is as important as how to apply a weapon in pressure situations
          First Aide Training includes use of AED


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