PrepYou.Eu is a British owned brand based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is owned by Advisory Bulgaria EOOD.
PrepYou.Eu has been established to service the growing requirements of the numerous Private Military Contractors (PMCs),  who now use Bulgaria as a pre-deployment training location, as they seek to ensure compliance with the industry-wide skill sets that must include weapon handling and medical training for various Hostile environments that include Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Ships transiting the Gulf to name but a few. 
Therefore by default, PrepYou.Eu is considered the “Training Wing” Of several regional and international security service providers.

Both British & Bulgarian Ex-Military Professionals Makeup the PrepYou Training Team/s

Accordingly, as the PMCs have identified that Bulgaria offers almost everything as a training location.  We have further witnessed an increase in inquiries from Private Businesses who appear,  through their own research, to have noticed the same. As the world becomes a more dangerous place and the threat of terrorism spreads to every corner of the globe, Corporate businesses are starting to empower their staff by providing training, at the workplace and defined training establishments, for many situations including terrorist attack and mass casualty situations. PrepYou.EU has therefore been established by British Army Veterans with decades of experience of combat operations and the private military “circuit” in some of the most hostile locations on earth – To provide training services and locations across Bulgaria.

Our services include:

  • Firing ranges – We work with six different locations across Bulgaria and each has its pros and cons. We are ready to advise on the best location, with the best facilities for your specific course.
  • Training Centers – With onsite accommodation, close to the firing ranges can also be offered. These Centres also have classrooms available for indoor orientated training.
  • Training Areas – We have access to several civilian and military training areas across Bulgaria for larger scale training exercises.
  • Film Sets – We work with Nu Boyana Film Studios based here in Sofia. This is the largest (and most impressive!) film studios in Eastern Europe and we can offer for rent large sets from major Hollywood feature films that include London, New York, Ancient Rome and even Kabul!
  • Instructors – We work with British and Bulgarian Ex-Military instructors (Many Elite or Special Forces) with varying qualifications from SIA Close Protection Instructor to Paramedic. Most are well know and respected Operators in their own right with years of experience on the Circuit to pass on.
  • Your own Training Team/s – Are welcome! We are happy to advise on all aspects of their job in Bulgaria including making sure they have appropriate working environments and accommodation for their own downtime.
  • Weapons & ammunition – We are able to provide firearms (pistols & rifles) and ammunition for your training courses at competitive rates. Almost all weapon systems are available but please note, as, with the rest of the EU,  it is illegal to fire weapons on fully automatic in Bulgaria.
  • Travel & Accommodation – For both your training teams and students can be centrally organised by PrepYou.EU
  • “Soft Business Development” – Or “Match Making”. We charge all our Training Providers (TPs) and PMCs a small annual fee (Starting at €250 per annum) and this allows us to justify making relevant introductions to our other partners. For example, we have recently introduced a British TP to a Greek TP to allow the Greeks to offer British SIA Close Protection Training to their domestic clients in Bulgaria. Something that would have cost several thousands of Euros and taken many months to complete otherwise.
  • Business Development – We have staff who have been on the ground here for a number of years. This means we can often find multiple connections to any new business coming to Bulgaria for the first time from other local Corporate Businesses right up to Central Government and their Ministries.
  • R&R – Bulgaria has a lot more to offer than just training packages! Four mountain ranges, 274km of coastline, ski resorts, spa retreats and wineries allow you and your team to relax when the job is done or before you deploy.

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