The Truth About Tourist Shooting Experiences in Bulgaria

A lot of visitors to Sofia and Bulgaria in general are excited to learn that it is possible to visit a shooting range and fire some live weapon systems that they could not even dream of touching in their own countries. We believe, that considering the current state of the world and the many conflicts ongoing (and about to begin), as well as the growing threat of terror attacks, it is actually very important for civilians to have some practical experience with live firearms. It may just save their lives one day.

Having trained over 8,500 civilian students since 2017 we understand the importance of safe and professional firearms training yet few tourists understand the difference between a shooting experience and working with a professional training provider so here are a few questions for you to consider when choosing your provider:

  1. What is your goal?
    1. Do you just want to just pull a trigger or actually learn how to use the weapon accurately and efficiently?
  2. Is your “instructor” or service provider qualified to teach you the use of live firearms?
    1. Even if you are only bothered about pulling a trigger and have no interest in learning the actual applications of the weapon system, it is worth noting you may not be insured if there is an accident or incident on range with your group or those working around you.
  3. Is the person leading your experience carrying a sidearm (Pistol)?
    1. Professional firearms instructors carry a loaded sidearm (a pistol) at all times. This is not just for training demonstration purposes but for the safety of their students and themselves. You do not need to do many searches on the internet to read about the hundreds of incidents all over the world every year from murder-suicides, suicide-by-instructor and just plain bad behaviour leading to innocent casualties. 
  4. Is this person able to deal with a medical emergency and trained in dealing with massive trauma such as GSW (gunshot wound)?
    1. As important as the Instructors sidearm is his trauma kit and his in-depth knowledge of how to use it. Although most injuries on the range are so minor a simple band-aid will keep the student shooting, everyone using a shooting range must be aware that accidents can and often do happen.
A former Bulgarian Paratrooper (SF) leading civillian training with PrepYou.Eu
PrepYou.Eu provides the most professional tourist shooting experiences in Sofia Bulgaria
Great students deserve great memories! We have iOS & Android Mic and Camera rigs for students to use to record their training.

The Benefits of Professional Firearms Training

  • Knowledge Transfer – Our Instructors are some of the most experienced former NATO/Law Enforcement professionals operating in Bulgaria – fact! Learning from those who have used their skills in the real world always tends to be a better experience than learning from YouTube videos.
  • Better Memories – As you will be properly trained to use the weapon systems in our own private armoury, you will actually look far better in the photos and videos your instructors help you take! We can all but guarantee your time with us will be the most exciting thing you do whilst in Sofia so let’s make sure you have the proof to show off when you return home!
  • Training Progression – Once our students find us, they tend to return on a very regular basis allowing our training team to create a personalised live-fire training programme for when they are with us but also dry training drills they can practice at home.
  • High-quality Weapon Systems & Training Equipment – Our Private Armoury is maintained to a very high standard to ensure you have the best training experience possible. We compliment our modern weapons with the relevant kit and equipment available including shooter belts, holsters and body armour when required. We also prefer issuing 3M safety equipment, the world’s market leader in shooting PPE.

How to Book With PrepYou.Eu

  1. Many new shooters need some advice so please feel free to get in contact to ask questions!
  2. Once your training programme has been selected we ask for a €10 deposit per shooter to confirm your booking.
  3. Please fill out the Student Sign-In Form before arriving.
  4. Please ensure you have the correct clothing for the weather conditions – Wet weather can make it muddy and we don’t want our students ruining their dancing shoes!
  5. Get some rest before you visit us and please refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming any medication or substance that will impair your ability and judgment!
  6. Arrive approx 20 mins before your lesson is booked.
  7. The remainder of the student’s bill can be paid in cash or with a Debit/Credit Card at the end of your training session.
  8. (Optional) Take your instructor for a beer! 🙂
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