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PrepYou.Eu works with over twenty international training providers at multiple training locations across Bulgaria that include 360 degree live fire ranges, underground indoor ranges and outdoor ranges up to 2KM. With access to over 50 different weapon systems and such diverse training facilities - which include Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia - there really is no competitor in Europe who can match us on service or price.

For PMC/PSC Training Providers

Bulgaria is one of the few places in Europe where we can offer such comprehensive and realistic training for the private security sector. SIA (III) Close Protection, MIRA and FPOS I are all available in Bulgaria.

For Business

The world of business has recently realised that the world has changed and their employees need to be empowered to deal with threats from terror attack to road traffic accident effectively.

For Civilian Individuals & Groups

We are used to training individuals, groups of ladies, airsoft enthusiasts and even actors at our range of training locations across Bulgaria. From basic weapon skills, live firing & traumatic first aid training in a number of unique locations!

About PrepYou.Eu

PrepYou.Eu is a British owned brand with training location in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik & Bansko. We exclusively employee Ex-Military & Law Enforcement personnel from most NATO countries with emphasis on British & Bulgarian instructors. We are your one-stop shop for all military & medical training for both civilians, corporates and international Private Security Contractors (PSCs),  in Bulgaria and the Balkans.


What our students say...

With a 98.5% Satisfaction Score (Based on PrepYou.Eu 2017 surveys) after coming to spend some time with us in in Bulgaria, our clients & students are our best advertising.
Andy Holmes

Andy Holmes

Liverpool, UK

"What a wonderful experience, highly recommended for anyone serious about learning all aspects of small or large weapons. The instructors are a brilliant bunch and were very patient with us beginners."

Paromita Sanatani

Paromita Sanatani

Vienna, Austria

"Although I never imagined ever holding a real weapon in my hand, i found the Lethal Ladies course (part 1) incredibly interesting and useful, in particular the aspects of medical emergency assistance and self protection as well as knowing how to both make a weapon safe and how to use it if it ever came down to it. Entertaining and light hearted but awakens serious awareness.."

Theo Goss

Theo Goss

Droitwitch, UK

"Good professional company offering support for your goals(in my case private military world)... don't be intimidated by lack of knowledge, experience, what too learn etc, with this school, you are in good hands"

Featured Training Courses, Services & Products

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“Big Phil” Campions Special Forces Weekend

PrepYou.Eu & “Big Phil” Campion, former 22 SAS Legend, will be holding a two-day/two-night Special Forces experience based around our training centre in Lozen, Sofia. Phil has served in almost every war zone imaginable over the past 35 years and went from the World’s most elite fighting force to a gun-for-hire. This …


1 Day – Intermediate – Battle Skills 1

Students on this course will be taught more advanced shooting tactics based around multiple one-man/multi-enemy contact scenarios with a specific focus on drills such as snap shooting (reactions), magazine changes, “Double Tap” and transition drills from Rifle to Pistol.

The students will see their reaction and drill time HALVE (at least!) over the course of the day to ensure …


1 Day Weapon Competency Training

This one-day group training package is designed for novices and will explore the safe application of the use of three different weapon systems; Glock17 and  AK 47/74 and will fire around 150 rounds over day is a safe and controlled environment.


Introduction to CQC (Close Quarter Contact) – Glock 17

PrepYou.Eu is delighted to announce a one-day “Introduction to CQC (Close Quater Contact) – Glock 17” which will be delivered by former British Intelligence Officer, Neil Davies.

Neil has 24 years of extensive personal experience with CQC and the aim of the Introduction Day is to give students a taste of Neil’s own five day CQC course designed for professional law enforcement, …

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