Services for the Media Industry – Introduction

Bulgaria has had a long relationship with international film centres such as Hollywood and “Bollywood” and we have been involved in several BG based movie productions including The Hitman’s BodyguardHellBoy (2019) The Outpost (2020) & The Toxic Avenger (2024) as well as several international TV shows. PrepYou.Eu also works with media production houses across Europe & the Middle East looking for shoot locations, technical consultancy and more for a variety of productions for major corporate clients to well known streaming platforms.More recently, PrepYou.Eu has begun to advise both Corporates & Government clients on methods of secure conferencing for traditional physical events forced on line as a result of COVID-19 in partnership with market leaders in video conferencing equipment & software.

PrepYou Chief Instructor Simon Feek - who played Sgt Miller in The Outpost - Scott Eastwood, Glen Powell and Jariko from War Office Productions.
Scott Eastwood, Glen Powell, Cast & Technical Advisors (War Office Productions) on The Outpost. (PrepYou.Eu Ops Director & PrepYou Dog, Lola - Second/Third from left)
In May 2024, we were visited by the Daily Mail Online, who took part in our Three-Day AK Operator/DMR Course. They seemed to enjoy it!

Full story here.

Technical Consultancy & Training

PrepYou.Eu is Bulgaria’s leading firearms training company. This is out “bread and butter” and our courses tend to be based around the British Armies Six Section Battle Drills which is the basis for most advanced training including SF. However, we will not teach or consult outside of our skill-sets so we provide specialist consultancy via our active network of security and military professionals around the world.

Bulgaria has a vast array of potential landscapes and backdrops which Location Directors love!

Location Recee’s

Bulgaria has a vast range of terrain and scenery. The four mountain ranges in Bulgaria provide a backdrop that has been used to mimic K2 and the Himalayas. The flat, lush plains of central Bulgaria offer a “Green Zone” environment as seen in Afghanistan whilst the 270km of Black Sea Coastline with two major seaports supplies many needs for maritime-based action.

A myriad of active as well as dormant military installations are also available upon request.

Secure Communications Platforms for Productions, Governments & Business

We are now experiencing a worldwide backlog across the entire media production industry and along with our Security Technology Partners (Resonator), we are able to provide consultancy, equipment and software to allow ultra high quality, secure video conferencing for a number of applications from Government-to-Government (secure) communication platforms to providing support for businesses at a similar level of “military encryption” for those concerned with industrial espionage and eves-dropping.

Photos from the set of The Outpost (2020)

Professional Video Production with PrepYou.Eu