Active Shooter Response (Europe/United States)

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This one-day training package is suitable for those working in Retail, Hospitality, Tourism & Education as well as anyone else who spends time around these types of working environments. Delegates are taken through the reasons why mass shootings happen and also look at how to respond from contacting emergency services to becoming the First Responder (if required) in a life & death scenario.

Although the majority of students say this course was “informative and incredibly fun”, this is a highly emotive topic which should not be taken by anyone considered “emotionally poor”.


Illinois, the US state where you find Chicago – the largest population of Bulgarians outside of Bulgaria – ranks as the third highest state for mass shooting since in the United States since 1970. (Source).

Most mass shootings in the US are conducted with legally owned weapons, however, Bulgaria is surrounded by several areas of conflict over the last 30 years and the entire region is awash with illegal firearms. The far right are more active in Europe and United States that any Muslim jihadist group has ever been and with new/old conflicts re-igniting and escalating, we can be sure that the amount of illegall  weapons proliferating across Europe is not only at an all time high and only growing.

On top of this, we are seeing a spike in “ghost guns” or 3D printed firearms which are impossible to trace and can be “created” in as little as 24 hours with only the cheapest of hobbyist equipment.

Disinformation and social media allow impressionable children as well as poorly educated religious or racially motivated radicals to easily find a justification for the “ultimate public statement”; a mass murder.

In this one day training package, we go through the Symptom’s & Causes of mass shootings across the world and how an individual can deal with these types of scenario. We look at the attacker profiles (and “Shooter Videos”) of recent shootings and debunk many myths about the motivations of the gun men. And yes, they are almost always “Gun Men”.

This is a highly emotive course which should not be taken by anyone considered “emotionally poor”.

Training Aims

  • Why does this happen? (STATS)
    • Social/Economic
    • Social Media – The New School Bully
    • Radicalisation and grooming
      • Is this going to happen more regularly and where?
  • How fast do things escalate?
  • How to prepare your mind-set
    • Government Advice – “Run, Hide, Tell”
      • Run, Hide, Prepare to fight
    • Response with Firearm
    • Response with knife
    • Response with improvised weapon
  • After Incident Response
    • Identify yourself as Friendly
    • Immediate traumatic first aid – Priorities
    • Communicating with Emergency Services
      • The 9 Liner

What’s Included:

This price is based on a minimum of four students and a maximum of twelve

  • Weapon Hire
  • Ammunition
  • Instructors
  • Targets
  • All safety equipment, 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students are expected to bring suitable clothing, footwear and load-carrying equipment for this course

What’s Not Included:

  • Transport to  and from Range/Training Centre
  • Food & Beverage
  • Additional ammunition can be purchased on the day from the range at cost


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