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  • 175 Leva PrepYou.Eu Gift Card

    Our gift cards are valid for 12 months and can be redeemed against ANY of our training courses including those promoted by Grabo.Bg. We are usually able to issue a gift card within 3-4 hours of payment so we are often the “go-to” for Emergency Birthday Presents for your friends and loved ones! HR …

  • 2 Day AK, M4 & Glock Weapon Competency Bundle

    Save over €70 With This Bundle!!!

    This two-day training package is designed for novices and will explore the safe application of the use of three different weapon systems; Glock, AK 47/74 and M4.
  • The Annual Personal Weapon Test from PrepYou.Eu Sale!

    All Platform Annual Personal Weapon Test and Training (APWTT)

    The PrepYou.Eu All Platform Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT) is part of our Citizen Soldier Program and has been designed for civilian shooters who wish to have professional-level firearms training with a benchmark of their current ability (and skill fade) as well as being able to identify areas they need work on to progress through the …

  • Balkan 3 Gun – Level 1 (Competent)

    Perfect for teambuilding groups, Balkan 3 Gun is a tactical shooting competition for beginners which has seen nearly 400 students completing the Level 1 training over the last 4 years! Once you have completed Level 1, more advanced shooters should also look at Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 as a good way of continuing their training …

  • Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 (Proficient)

    The PrepYou.Eu Balkan 3 Gun – Level 2 (Proficient) is an evolution of the Balkan 3 Gun – Level 1 Competition, which over 4 years has seen hundreds of students compete against friends and colleagues! Level 2 sees students moving around the range whilst carrying their pistol & rifle via a holster & sling respectively. The student …

  • Combined firearms training with AR15, AK47 and Glock 17 in Sofia Bulgaria Sale!

    Multi-Platform Firearms Training

    This five-day, intense weapon-handling course is 100% about the perfect application of the most common weapon systems to be found in modern-day conflict. Confirmation of Learning is completed daily with students completing the relevant PrepYou.Eu Annual Personal Weapons Test with video certification for each course of fire.