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  • 175 Leva PrepYou.Eu Gift Card

    The PrepYou.Eu Gift Card is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything! Valid for 12 months* and can be exchanged for PrepYou.EU products and services as found on the PrepYou.Eu website! T&Cs apply.
  • Vivid scene from the Advanced Concealed Carry Course, a collaborative effort of PrepYou.Eu and TRB Holsters, showcasing participants engaged in hands-on training led by ex-NATO and Law Enforcement professionals. The course emphasizes firearm safety, skill refinement, and critical decision-making for self-defense scenarios. Open to permit holders and international students, the training involves real firearms and T4E Simulation Weapons, immersing participants in real-world scenarios, including active shooter simulations and car hijackings Sale!

    2 Day Advanced Concealed Carry & Self-Defence Course

    Spanning over two days, the course seamlessly integrates theoretical classes with hands-on shooting drills and Force-On-Force simulations. Our highly experienced international instructors pave the way for participants, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of weapon handling, weapon safety and self-defence applications. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned shooter, our sessions aim to reinforce confidence, shooting techniques, accuracy and most …

  • 2 Day PMC/TP Bulgaria RECCE

    Over the past eight years, we regularly get asked to host industry VIPs as they come and explore Bulgaria as a potential training and pre-deployment location and we have several options for training partnerships. We are open for training & sales partnerships so please review the information below and come and visit us!

  • Armed & Unarmed Combat – In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria

    In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria, PrepYou.Eu is proud to host a series of close quarter armed and unarmed combat training sessions at our secure training facility in Boyana, Sofia.

    We have chosen to work with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria as they share the same ethos of “honest, practical training without the …

  • PrepYou Fieldcraft & Survival Course delivered in Sofia, Bulgaria is focused on the principles of SERE - Survive - Evade - Resist - Escape. Sale!

    BUG OUT! – Introduction to Fiedcraft & Survival in Eastern Europe (2023)

    This one-day introductory course is designed to expose the students to the practicalities of planning & preparing for a Worst Case Scenario (WCS) and the execution of that plan in the event of a series incident that covers mass-public disorder (Riots & Revolutions), natural disasters (Flooding, earthquake) to foreign nation invasion (See Ukraine).

    The training is delivered …

  • Anti-Poaching_Bush_war_Africa_Training Sale!

    Future Strategic Concepts Africa Rural Operations (Anti-Poaching) Course (6 Weeks)

    The Future Strategic Concepts Africa (FSCA) Anti-Poaching & Rural Ops Course is an intense SIX-WEEK field training course delivered by a highly experienced training team which includes former South African Special Forces & Royal Marine Commandos. This is as far from a seven-day Private Military Contractor “training experience” as you can get …

  • Horizon First Person on Scene Level 4 (FPOS L4) – 11th-15th October 2021

    Horizon is Europe’s leading Close Protection & Medical Training Company who are holding their first SIA 3 Executive CP Course in Sofia on 21st-26th June 2021 & 11th-15th October 2021
  • Sale!

    Horizon SIA Level 3 Executive Close Protection Training, FPOS Bundle with “Big Phil” Campion – 11 October to 1 November 2021

    Horizon is Europe’s leading Close Protection Training Company who are holding their first FPOS (21st-26th June & 11th-15th October 2021) SIA 3 Executive CP Course in Sofia (27th June-16th July & 16th October-5th November 2021). This course is being led by ex-SAS Legend, “Big Phil” Campion.
  • Hostile Vehicle Drills – Live Fire

    This two-day course is spent with Day 1 at our private Sofia Training Area completing the dry training before we move to our 360 Degree outdoor range near Plovdiv.
  • PrepYou.Eu Range Safety Officer Training – ENTRY

    Want to turn your new hobby into a way to shoot for free and start to help other students to progress through their training? Do you already have your PrepYou.Eu Weapons Competency Certificate<span ...

  • The_only_force_on_force_training_provider_in_Eastern_europe_is_PrepYou.eu_in_Sofia_Bulgaria Sale!

    Solo CQB (Close Quarter Battle) – Pistol & Rifle

    Objective: A two-day training package to provide novices with foundational skills in pistol & rifle close-quarter battle techniques and to promote safety, awareness, and accuracy in high-stress situations. Day 2 focuses on expanding the basic CQB skills learned on Day 1 to incorporate the use of rifles. The course aims to improve the participants’ confidence, safety, and competency …

  • STA Maritime Security Officer Training Bundle

    Designed for individuals wishing to operate or currently operating as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP). The Maritime Security Operative (MSO) course is based directly on the new international standard for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs): ISO28007 [Guidelines for PMSCs providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships].