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  • 2 Day – Advanced – Battle Skills

    This course is designed for anyone over the age of 18 who has zero experience with firearms but want to be safe and competent if they are ever required to use them; regardless of whether or not that is on a film set or during a live terrorist attack.
  • 1 Day – Proficiency- Battle Skills

    Students on this course will be taught more advanced shooting tactics based around multiple one-man/multi-enemy contact scenarios with a specific focus on drills such as snap shooting (reactions), magazine changes, “Double Tap” and transition drills from Rifle to Pistol.
  • 150 Leva PrepYou.Eu Gift Card

    The PrepYou.Eu Gift Card is the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything! Valid for 12 months* and can be exchanged for PrepYou.EU products and services as found on the PrepYou.Eu website! T&Cs apply.
  • 4 Day Battle Camp

    Battle Camp is a four-day Military Skills Course for civilians and is which combines the basic training covered in our two-day Civilian Military Skills Course (CMS1) and elements of the other Continuation Training packages to provide an “all-in” course for students. This is an intensive course where students can expect to be …

  • Advanced Battle Drills – Fire, Manoeuvre & Contact Drills

    This two-day course is spent with Day 1 at Sofia Training Area completing the dry training before we move to our 150m outdoor range on the outskirts of Sofia for Day 2.
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    Advanced Rifle & Pistol Marksmanship up to 150m

    This two-day course is spent exclusively on the live firing ranges with Day 1 focusing on Pistols Marksmanship (up to 30m) & Day 2 on Rifle Marksmanship (up to 150m).
  • Hostile Vehicle Drills – Live Fire

    This two-day course is spent with Day 1 at our private Sofia Training Area completing the dry training before we move to our 360 Degree outdoor range near Plovdiv.
  • One Day Rifle Course – Introduction

    This one day course is designed for complete novices who have never had any firearms training at all and all instruction is in English. Students will become competent on three different weapon systems (MP5, AK47 and Dragunov Sniper Rifle) and will be able to apply the Principles of Marksmanship with each at distances from 30m to 150 meters.
  • Private Shooter Training – 2.5 Hours

    Private Lessons with PrepYou.Eu offers an alternative to the regularly scheduled Group Training for students wishing to progress at their own speed or looking to gain new skills fast. Private lessons allow your PrepYou.Eu Instructor to more efficiently asses your performance and as the focus is all-about-you, we are able to take you out of your …