Solo CQB (Close Quarter Battle) – Pistol & Rifle

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Objective: A two-day training package to provide novices with foundational skills in pistol & rifle close-quarter battle techniques and to promote safety, awareness, and accuracy in high-stress situations. Day 2 focuses on expanding the basic CQB skills learned on Day 1 to incorporate the use of rifles. The course aims to improve the participants’ confidence, safety, and competency in CQB situations using T4E simulation weapons.



Solo CQB (Close Quarters Battle) – Pistol & Rifle from PrepYou.Eu is a comprehensive 2-day, 6-hour training package designed to empower individuals with the skills needed for tactically navigating inside structures during various high-stress situations. Utilising T4E Force-On-Force simulation weapons, this course provides actionable techniques based on human reactions during high-stress events.

Our experienced training team, consisting of ex-NATO and Law Enforcement professionals, leverages both real firearms and cutting-edge T4E Simulation Weapons (NOT Airsoft!). You’ll be engaged in real-world inspired scenarios ranging from active shooter scenarios to car hijackings.

Upon completion of this training, delegates will be able to attend a LIVE fire CQB course with PrepYou or visit the regular (Weekly) training refreshers known as “The Sunday Session” to maintain their new skill level.


Potential Scenarios Addressed:

  • Handling a home invasion/intruder
    • Individual Room/Building Clearance
  • Protecting loved ones inside a building
    • “The Citadel”
  • Active shooter situations
  • Safely exiting from hazardous situations

Training Flow:

  1. Introduction to the fundamental principles of indoor movement & legalities of Self-Defence in Bulgaria.
  2. Practical drills on tactically progressing through rooms, corridors, staircases, windows, and other typical indoor spaces.
  3. Engaging, hands-on simulations utilising training firearms against live adversaries.

Note: This training prioritises safety, employing T4E Simulation Weapons. No live weapons or real ammunition will be used.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Core principles of moving within a building.
  • Cultivating a proactive mindset and understanding use-of-force.
  • Maximizing cover, concealment, and strategic movement to deter threats.
  • Techniques for clearing various indoor spaces, such as rooms, corridors, and stairwells.
  • Interaction protocols with law enforcement to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Ensuring the safety of and moving alongside loved ones inside a structure.

Equipment & Gear:

  • Training firearms will be supplied.
  • If preferred, accessories compatible with a Glock 17 (like holsters or weapon-mounted lights) can be brought along.
  • Flashlight or weapon-mounted illumination tool.
  • Writing materials for note-taking.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, including suitable shoes, and a reliable belt for mild physical activities.
  • Protective wear for training projectiles, encompassing clothing for body, neck, hands, and groin.
  • Head protection will be offered. For those who need it, tactical equipment can be rented or purchased before the session begins.
Intense force-on-force training scenario capturing participants engaged in realistic simulations, using T4E Simulation Weapons for hands-on tactical experience in self-defense situations

Day 1 – CQB Pistol (1000-1630):

  • Safety Briefing and Introduction
    • Purpose and overview of the course
    • Importance of safety and rules of handling T4E training weapons
    • Safety equipment distribution (protective goggles, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Basic Handgun Fundamentals Stance: Proper CQB stances such as the Isosceles and Weaver stances
    • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
    • Trigger Control and Follow Through
    • Loading, unloading, and making the weapon safe
  • Basic CQB Movement
    • Importance of movement in CQB situations
    • Moving forward, backwards, and lateral
    • Use of cover and concealment
    • Pivots and turns
  • Shooting Drills
    • Stationary shooting drills focusing on accuracy
    • Moving and shooting drills
    • Shooting from behind cover
  • Lunch and Q&A Session
  • Weapon Retention and Close Contact Shooting
    • Techniques to prevent a suspect from grabbing your weapon
    • Shooting from the retention position
    • Advantages and disadvantages of close contact shooting
  • Room Clearing Basics
    • The importance of angles in CQB
    • Methods to approach doors and openings
    • Basic principles of room clearing: slicing the pie, entering, and scanning
  • Scenario-Based Training Drills
    • Participants will run through mock scenarios simulating real-life CQB situations.
    • Focus on the application of techniques learned earlier in the day.
    • Scenarios include home invasions, building clearances, and more.
  • Debrief and Feedback Session
    • Review of the day’s lessons
    • Feedback from instructors
    • Participant sharing of experiences and learning points
    • Look Forward to the next day

      Day 2 – Rifle CQB (1000-1630)

      • Safety Briefing and Rifle Introduction
        • Recap of Day 1 and transition to Day 2
        • Safety protocols specific to T4E simulation rifles
        • Handling, loading, and unloading the simulation rifle
      • Rifle Handling Basics
        • Differences and similarities between pistol and rifle handling in CQB
        • Proper stance with a rifle in CQB scenarios
        • Gripping, aiming, and firing the simulation rifle
      • Transition Drills
        • Shifting between the primary weapon (rifle) and secondary weapon (pistol)
        • Situations where transitioning is required
        • Safe and efficient methods to holster and sling weapons during transitions
      • Rifle Movement Techniques
        • Advancing, retreating, and strafing with a rifle
        • Pivoting and turning with a rifle
        • Use of cover and barriers when armed with a rifle
      • Lunch and Q&A Session
      • Rifle CQB Shooting Drills
        • Stationary and moving shooting drills focusing on target acquisition and accuracy
        • Engaging multiple targets in succession
        • Reloading drills under stress
      • Advanced Room Clearing with Rifles
        • Challenges posed by a longer weapon in tight spaces
        • Techniques for slicing the pie, entering, and scanning with a rifle
        • Team dynamics: moving and communicating with a partner/team
      • Scenario-Based Training Drills with Rifles
        • Complex scenarios simulating real-life CQB situations where a rifle is needed
        • Emphasis on weapon transitions, team communication, and tactical decision-making
        • Real-world challenges: low-light conditions, multiple adversaries, civilian presence
      • Debrief, Feedback, and Course Recap
        • Comprehensive review of the two-day course
        • Feedback collection from participants for course improvement
        • Emphasis on continuous training and practice
      • Course Passout and Certificates
        • Awarding of course completion certificates
        • Group photo, networking, and farewells

      What’s Included:

      • Comprehensive weaponry, range, and safety gear.
      • Expert instruction.
      • Meal (MRE-style ration pack).
      • 250+ rounds of ammunition across various platforms.

      What’s Not Included:

      • Transit to/from the training venues.
      • Stay arrangements.
      • Meals excluding the provided lunch.
      • Tactical gear rental such as body armor and shooter belts.
      • IWB Holsters (For recommendations, visit Juliet4.Com).


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