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Juliet9.Com have been working in Ukraine since the current conflict started over twelve months ago as well as vast experience in almost every conflict over the last 35 years. Juliet9 have developed a number of pre-deployment training courses specifically for Ukraine. The Juliet 9 Combat Medic course is arguably the most up-to-date trauma medics training available.


Next Training Date – 1st-5th May 2023


The Juliet9 Combat Medics (Ukraine) course is designed for those with previous “first responder” or military experience and are looking at either adding to or refreshing their existing skill set. The course is a hybrid of several other mass trauma doctrines (TCCC, FPOS I, FREC, Etc) which have been adapted for the specific theatre of Ukraine.


Although this training package is specific to the current Ukraine war, the lessons learned on this course are easily applied to other conflict areas especially in developing regions such as Africa and the Middle East where medical resources are equally lacking.

Our Combat Medics course is unique in several ways. Firstly, it is delivered by instructors active in theatre and those that pass will have an opportunity to be escorted back to Ukraine for further “clinical training opportunities” which include joining CASEVAC teams and operating on and around the Ukranina front lines supporting Ukraine Armed Forces operations. This is not for the faint-hearted, to say the least, but will provide OPOL (Operational Proof of Learning) that can be documented as part of the student’s certification process. 

Secondly, your Chief Instructor is in contact with many UAF units and NGOs that badly need embedded medics and have paid positions for the correct operators on an ongoing and expanding basis.

Thirdly, via our procurement partner Juliet4, we are able to supply all elements of medical and deployment kit including helmet and body armour, load carrying equipment relevant for Ukraine or any other theatre you may be considering deployment too.

 Please note: Due to the firearms competency required for this course, anyone that has little to no prior firearms experience should attend the 3-Day AK Operators & Designated Marksman course prior to Combat Medic (Ukraine).

The Role of a Combat Medic


Those who have watched footage from or been involved in operations in Afghanistan or Iraq over the previous years probably understands the importance of the “Medic” on any combat team. The Combat Medic is an integral part of any small unit and is primarily an infantry soldier first and a medic second hence the secondary training focus is weapon handling specifically on AK/SDV platforms. 

One major difference between previous combat operations and the Ukraine War is the lack of air superiority on either side, meaning MERT (Medical Emergency Response Teams) as they were previously known, are non-existent in their previous, mainly rotary wing, form.

VW Transporters have taken over from Merlin and Black Hawk helicopters. Monitoring equipment while in “flight” is often/usually non-existent meaning the skill of the medic working on the casualty is often the only thing separating life from death.

Due to their operational importance, Combat Medics tend to be some of the most sought-after individuals in conflict as well as some of the better-paid.


Your Instructors


Your Chief Medical Instructor (C/S Doc) is a highly qualified military medic from an EU country who has been in Ukraine since the very start of the conflict and has unrivalled experience of mass-trauma CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) in some of the most testing wartime conditions seen for over 70 years.

Other topics are covered by a variety of instructors both in person and remotely who all have a vast background in the current conflict and many more with some delivering their training directly from the front lines of Ukraine.

Your firearms instructors are also highly experienced NATO ex-military, with years of training in multi-national teams of both civilians and professionals alike.


This is a PASS or FAIL course.

As this is a brand new concept in trauma medical training, we are working in conjunction with various EU/NATO Militaries and awarding bodies to provide a formal and well-recognised international qualification which will need to be refreshed every 2-3 years to keep current.

However, there are always issues around current types of certification and the security industry has had more than its fair share of scandals with fake or doctored PDF certificates being used by people who have never attended any training at all to gain employment and be deployed to hostile environments. 

For this reason, we are the first training company in the security training industry to use the BlockChain (Via NFT or Non-Fungible Token) to create “unhackable” multi-media certificates proving the student’s attendance and performance. This “NFT” can never be deleted, hacked or copied.

Please Note: Due to upcoming EU Directives, almost all important documentation within the EU from your driving licence, mortgage agreement and even your ticket to the football match will be stored on the BlockChain. 

We are well ahead of the curve as are our students.

Combat/Tactical Medic Course Itinerary 


Please Note: Those wishing to attend the course without a previous high level of weapon handling should take the 3-Day AK Operators & Designated Marksman course prior to Combat Medic (Ukraine).

In essence, this is a five-day training package with 4 days focused on mass-trauma incidents, “ground truth” and more specifically for Ukraine’s theatre of war. The fifth day is “Firearms Refresher & Medical Assessment Day”. Those wishing to attend the course without a previous high level of weapon handling should take the 3-Day AK Operators & Designated Marksman course prior to Combat Medic (Ukraine).

Topics Covered:

    • Role of Combat Medic & why was it created?
    • MARCH (massive haemorrhage control, Airway, Respirations, Circulation, Head Injury/Hypothermia
    • Care Under Fire (TCCC Principals) – The Three Stages.
    • Mechanism of Trauma. Focus on Battlefield Trauma 
    • Management of Trauma Patients – identify injuries and treatment
    • TRaPS (Tactical Rapid Primary Survey)
    • Head and Brain injuries (GCS Score)
    • Airway Injuries and Airway management
    • Chest/Abdominal injuries 
    • Fractures and Splinting
    • Identify and Manage a Shock Patient & Spinal injuries & Spinal Immobilisation
    • CBRN/ Burns
    • Environment Injury Hypothermia/Hyperthermia  
    • Paediatrics
    • Medications and Routes of Administration (IV,s etc)
    • Rescue and Extraction (Casevac/Medevac  9 Liner)
    • Setting up a CCP (Casualty Collection Point) 
    • Triage    (Sort and Sieve)
    • Documentation and Handover of Patient

What’s Included:

      • 4 Nights shared accommodation (B&B) – Single Room Supplement + €65 PP Per NIght
      • All training, safety equipment, weapon and ammunition costs
      • Range Lunch x 5
      • Tea, Coffee and water at Training Centre
      • Transport to Range

 What’s Not Included:

      • Evening Meal
      • Transport to/from Sofia, Bulgaria
      • Transfer to/from Sofia Airport
      • Individual First Aid Kit – Several varieties available to purchase on your course
      • Pre-deployment equipment such as helmet, body armour, etc
      • Deployment travel costs

Source – Juliet9.Com


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