In fulfillment of the mission of the Armed Forces “Contribution to National Security in Peacetime” from 20.00 on November 1, 2021 over 350 servicemen with more than 40 units of equipment from the Land Forces provide assistance to the Ministry of Interior for the protection of Bulgarians – the Greek and the Bulgarian-Turkish state border. The servicemen of the 61st Stryama and 2nd Tundzha mechanized brigades are conducting joint patrols with employees of the General Directorate of Border Police.

The Land Forces are also assigned the urgent repair and restoration activities of the engineering facility of an obstructive type on the Bulgarian-Turkish border and the adjacent road. The repair and restoration activities are carried out according to a joint plan prepared by the General Directorate of Border Police and the Command of the Land Forces. In pursuance of the plan of October 29, 20 servicemen from the 55th Engineer Regiment with 7 specialized machines began work on restoring the integrity of the facility in the area of ​​RDGP “Elhovo”.

The servicemen of the Land Forces perform their tasks of guarding the state border in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures.

Source: The Bulgarian Army will Assist the Interior Ministry in Guarding the State Border – – Sofia News Agency


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