The Trojan Footprint 22 multinational military exercise, being held in a number of countries in Europe, has started, Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry said on May 2.

Part of the exercise is being held in Bulgaria until May 13, the Defence Ministry said.

The exercise involves military formations from Nato and partner countries.

In addition to the Bulgarian military’s participation in the exercise, Interior Ministry forces and resources are also involved, the statement said.

Separately, US Special Operations Command Europe said that Trojan Footprint 22 is the annual, premier special operations forces exercise in Europe.

While the exercise is focused on improving the ability of special operation forces to counter a myriad of threats, it also increases integration with conventional forces and enhances interoperability with Nato allies and European partners, the statement said.

“Most importantly, Trojan Footprint 22 fortifies military readiness, cultivates trust, and develops lasting relationships which promote peace and stability throughout Europe.

“The purpose of the annual exercise is to demonstrate proficiencies, assess the readiness and lethality of our respective forces, and to continue improving interoperability with allies and partners,” US Special Operations Command Europe said.

(Archive photo, taken in Plovdiv during Trojan Footprint 21: US Special Operations Command Europe)

Source: Trojan Footprint 22 multinational military exercise begins in Bulgaria

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