If I were a Bulgarian citizen, I would vote for the one person I understand – for ‘I do not support anyone’ or for Kostadin Kostadinov.”

This is stated by the Russian ambassador to Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova, in an interview with Martin Karboski, which was published on his YouTube video blog.

Why would I act like that? Because perhaps of all of them, we should call them conditionally opposition parties, he expresses a pro-Bulgarian position, which I like. I think he has a balanced approach in foreign policy,” explained Mitrofanova.

The interview was published on Wednesday – the day on which Asen Vassilev of “We Continue the Change” openly called “Vazrazhdane” a pro-Kremlin party in the parliament. However, Mitrofanova defends Kostadinov and denies that he represents the interests of Moscow.

No, I wouldn’t say that he represents Russian interests in Bulgaria. Maybe – the ‘Russophiles’. Yes, of course. Another issue is that they don’t earn anything. But basically, it’s Malinov.” (Nikolay Malinov is the leader of the pro-Russian party “Russophiles”)

And do you finance Malinov“, asks Karbovski.

No, how… No. We at the embassy don’t fund anyone,” she replied. Several times in the interview, Mitrofanova emphasized that Russia currently has no money to pay either politicians or journalists.

The Russian ambassador commented on the political situation in Bulgaria.

GERB is a party that has been in government for a long enough time, it has its strengths, that’s why the vote for them is not a surprise. They are known as rulers, how can I say it – it’s a dragon, but its own dragon. ‘We Continue the Change’ lost a lot from their positions (in the previous elections), but in coalition with ‘Democratic Bulgaria’ they got good percentages, but they are also already familiar faces,” she said. Mitrofanova announced that people wanted new faces in politics.

The classics say that the economy governs politics, but now politics largely governs the economy. And unfortunately, on this basis, the economy is sinking,” commented Mitrofanova on modern relations between Moscow and Sofia, after Russia attacked Ukraine and declared Bulgaria an enemy state.

And will we go to the front? What do you think?” asked Karbovski.

I think the people will rise up,” answered Mitrofanova. “They will rise up, they will be against it, of course,” she added.

Since the beginning of the war, Bulgaria has supplied arms to Ukraine in the amount of two and a half billion dollars,” says Mitrofanova.

Your military-industrial complex has seen an increase in profits of approximately 173% compared to last year,” she added.

Source: The Russian Ambassador interferes in Bulgarian Internal Politics – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency


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