An American ship with military equipment intended for NATO forces stationed in Bulgaria and Romania has arrived at the port of Alexandroupolis, Greece, reported ANA-MPA, quoted by BTA. The cargo is intended for military training in the Black Sea in Southeast Europe.

The American ship “Liberty Pride” is 199.9 meters long, 32.26 meters wide and has a draft (depth of immersion in the water) of 8.5 m. The ship docked on Saturday morning and began unloading military equipment, which, through combined transport, will continue to Bulgaria and Romania. Two major military exercises of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), “Atlantic Resolve 23” and “Defender Europe 23”, will be held in the two countries. The exercises are in the context of the military conflicts in Ukraine.

The ship arrived in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis from the port of Charleston, USA, and will sail in the middle of this week. The American ferry is among the first in a chain of convoys carrying supplies to Allied forces in southeastern Europe, a process expected to last until the end of August.

As with other military transits, cargo will continue to be transported from the port of Alexandroupolis by train and truck. On the same route, but in the opposite direction, cargo will be returned after the completion of the military training.

More than two hundred US military personnel are already stationed in Alexandroupolis to coordinate and control transits in cooperation with port authorities and the Greek military.

On the occasion of the ship‘s arrival, in a post on social networks, the chairman of the port authorities, Konstantinos Hadzimihail, said: “After the January-February actions of unloading and land transport for the UN and rotation for the Italian army, from today we start parallel operations of cyclical exchange of military equipment and assets of the United States Army with combined transport by ships, trains and trucks.’

Source: Ship with Military Equipment for Training NATO Forces in Bulgaria and Romania arrived from the US in Alexandroupolis – – Sofia News Agency


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