Russia planned to stage a coup d’état in Moldova with the help of military-trained mercenaries from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro, who were supposed to attack government buildings in Chisinau and change power in the former Soviet republic. This was announced at a special briefing on Monday by the country’s president Maia Sandu, quoted by the Moldovan portal

According to Sandu, this is not the first time that Russia is making plans to destabilize the situation in Moldova. “Last autumn, there were already such attempts, but thanks to the quick intervention of the Moldovan authorities, they were unsuccessful,” said the head of state.

The plan for the coming period includes sabotage involving military-trained people masquerading as civilians to carry out acts of violence, attacks on government buildings and hostage-taking,” added Maia Sandu. She noted that with the help of opposition protests, the Russian Federation intends to carry out a coup d’état in Moldova and replace the government in Chisinau.

The documents obtained by our Ukrainian partners show the locations and logistical aspects of the organization of this subversive activity. The plan also envisages the use of foreigners for violent acts. For example, the materials contain instructions on the rules for entering Moldova for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro,” Sandu also said.

The president of Moldova assured the journalists that the security authorities are working to prevent these provocations and control the situation.

Sandu noted that for the execution of the plan the criminals relied on some internal forces, in particular criminal groups such as the SOR party, some veterans, former law enforcement officers and people known for their connections with Plahotniuc (Vladimir Georgievich Plahotniuc, Moldovan politician and oligarch, former chairman of the Democratic Party, who has been on the US sanctions list since October of this year).

According to Sandu, the purpose of these actions is to overthrow the constitutional and legitimate government in Chisinau and replace it with an illegitimate, pro-Russian one, “so that Russia can stop the European integration process of the republic and use Moldova in the war against Ukraine.”

The president said that Moldova‘s parliament should pass bills as soon as possible that would give the security services and the prosecution the necessary tools “to more effectively deal with the country’s security risks“.

Anyone who participates in such actions and who defends them must bear responsibility,” said the head of state. Sandu called on citizens to be vigilant and trust official information, as “the most aggressive form of attack is an information attack.”

The Kremlin’s attempts to organize violence in our country will not succeed. We remain calm and believe in Moldova,” Sandu said.

Already on February 9 of this year, at a meeting of the European Council in Brussels, Volodymyr Zelensky said that he informed Maya Sandu that the Ukrainian intelligence had managed to intercept a detailed Russian plan to destroy the political model in Moldova and bring it under control of Russia. Confirmation of Zelensky’s words also came from SIS – the security and intelligence agency of Moldova, which announced that it is conducting operational activities together with Western partners to identify attempts to destabilize the country, but did not provide additional details in order not to put at risk the very operation against the Kremlin plan.

Source: Russia Planned a Coup in Moldova with Mercenaries from Belarus and the Balkans – – Sofia News Agency


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