Three Bulgarians are now sought by Russian authorities for their alleged involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, as revealed by the database of wanted persons accessed by Mediazona, a Russian news website.

Among the individuals sought are Ivan Kalchev-Gligi, known for his participation in the International Legion for the Protection of Ukraine, along with Tsvetlan Borislavov Blagoev and Dimitar Krasimirov Petkov. The latter two were identified from a list published on the influential Telegram channel “Rybar,” associated with a former Ministry of Defense employee.

These individuals join journalist Christo Grozev, whose nationality is listed as Bulgarian in the Russian Interior Ministry’s database, adding to the tally of individuals sought in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. Grozev’s pursuit has been announced for over a year.

The revelation comes amid a broader effort by Russian authorities to identify and prosecute alleged mercenaries involved in the Ukrainian conflict. According to Mediazona’s analysis, the database lists a total of 396 individuals, predominantly from countries like Georgia, the United Kingdom, Belarus, and Israel.

The emergence of European politicians and officials on the list signals Russia‘s scrutiny of actions perceived as interference or opposition to its interests. Notable figures include Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and numerous Latvian parliamentarians who voted to withdraw from a treaty concerning Soviet monuments.

Moreover, the database reflects Russia‘s pursuit of individuals associated with events such as the dismantling of Soviet-era monuments in various European countries. This includes searches for politicians, mayors, and municipal council members across Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine.

In Ukraine alone, Russian authorities are seeking 176 individuals for their involvement in the conflict, connections to the Kyiv government, or public statements.

With nearly 100,000 names in the database, the pursuit extends beyond Russians to citizens of countries formed after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, including Armenians, Uzbeks, and others.

Source: Russia Hunts Bulgarians Allegedly Linked to Ukrainian Conflict – – Sofia News Agency


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