“National security lies in the foundation of every prosperous state, and it is not only the responsibility of the shooters, but of the entire society.”

With these words, Head of State Rumen Radev addressed the students at the Military Academy “G. S. Rakovski ”, whose graduation ceremony was honoured by the President today.

In front of their proud parents in the overcrowded Radev Hall, he wished all graduates: “Never forget that being an officer in the Bulgarian Army is not just a profession, but a recognition and a duty to the Homeland. Good luck!”.

Rumen Radev also called on all officers to look for efficiency and effectiveness in spending the resources that our country has, because, in his words, defense spending will constantly increase.

Today, the students studying in the various master’s programs in the professional field “Military Affairs” of the Faculty “Command-staff” and “National Security” of the Faculty of National Security and Defense have received their diplomas. The graduates were personally awarded by President Rumen Radev.

Source: Radev: The Expenses on Defense Will Continue to Rise – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency

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