President Rumen Radev emphasized the need for initial military training for Bulgaria‘s youth during his participation in the Fourth National Assembly of the Reserve Army in Stara Zagora. He noted that NATO allies are reinstating conscription, sparking the need for a national debate on this issue.

Radev highlighted that the current geopolitical climate and the war in Ukraine have underscored the importance of military personnel over weapons and technology. He stressed the significance of working with Bulgaria‘s mobilization reserve.

The president pointed out that elementary military training is crucial for young people, suggesting that the form and methods of such training should be determined through discussion. He asserted that those with military experience are best suited to provide this training.

Radev also expressed concern that national security decisions will soon be made by individuals with no military background. He remarked on the dwindling connection between civilians and the army since conscription ended nearly 20 years ago. He warned that soon, very few people in the National Assembly and executive branch will have military experience, yet they will be responsible for national security decisions.

Despite heavy rain, numerous organizations from across Bulgaria gathered in Stara Zagora for the assembly.

Source: President Radev Calls for Military Training for Bulgaria’s Youth – – Sofia News Agency


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