The United States and its allies are concerned about a potential attack by Iran or its proxies on military and government targets in Israel. The attack, believed to be imminent, would be in response to the killing of Iranian generals in Damascus, escalating the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. There is uncertainty regarding the origin of the attack, with possibilities including Hezbollah in Lebanon or Syria, Shiite militias in Iraq, or even from within Iran itself.

President Joe Biden has assured Israel of unwavering support in the face of potential threats from Iran. He pledged to protect Israel‘s security following recent strikes on Iranian targets. Israel has taken precautionary measures, including jamming GPS signals and canceling military leave, in anticipation of a possible attack. Meanwhile, Iran has vowed retaliation against Israel, considering the strikes as an attack on Iranian territory.

Tensions have heightened in the region, with reports of increased military readiness and diplomatic efforts to ease the situation. The United States is coordinating with allies to convey a message to Iran that any attack on Israel will be met with a response. High-ranking officials from the US and Israel are discussing strategies to counter potential threats.

The attack, if carried out, could involve high-precision missiles and target military installations rather than civilian areas. Israel is concerned about the safety of civilians, particularly in areas like Rafah, where many have sought refuge during the conflict with Hamas. Diplomatic missions are preparing for potential strikes and evacuation plans, although no withdrawal is imminent.

There is uncertainty about the outcome of such an attack, with fears of it escalating into a larger conflict. Israel has warned of retaliation if targeted by Iran, signaling the possibility of further escalation. The recent attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus has already led to casualties, including senior Iranian officials, further heightening tensions in the region.

Source: Not If, but When: US Expects Iran to Attack Israel Soon – – Sofia News Agency


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