The Nato multinational battle group in Bulgaria has achieved full operational readiness, the Defence Ministry said on December 14.

The multinational battle group in Bulgaria demonstrated full operational capabilities within the framework of the Strike Back live-fire tactical exercise at the Novo Selo training ground, the ministry said.

The participants performed tasks in a defensive operation – destroying enemy platoons of artillery formations, conducting restraining combat actions, withdrawing and passing a mechanized company through passages in a minefield and securing the passages, stopping the enemy’s advance and conducting a counterattack, the statement said.

Mechanized companies from the ground forces of Italy, Bulgaria and the United States, as well as platoons from the ground forces of Albania, Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia participated in the exercise.

Bulgarian Defence Chief Admiral Emil Eftimov told reporters that Italy and Bulgaria were discussing expanding the battlegroup to a brigade.

The battlegroup in Bulgaria was established earlier in 2022 in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was founded as part of wider moves by Nato to secure the defences of the Alliance’s Eastern Flank.

(Photo: Bulgarian Ministry of Defence)

Source: Nato multinational battlegroup in Bulgaria declared fully operationally ready


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