At the “Novo Selo” training field begins the joint Bulgarian-American military excercise, which will last until October 19, 2019, informed the Ministry of Defense press center. It will involve forces and resources from the Ministry of Defense, the structures of direct subordination to the Minister of Defense and the Bulgarian Army.

For Friday’s preparations, a re-appointment of up to 400 soldiers with the necessary equipment, weapons and ammunition from the US Armed Forces in Europe began, as well as M2A3 Bradley Infantry Battles, UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters and HH -60 “Pave Hawk”, self-propelled mortar M1064, transport, auxiliary and repair equipment.

In the framework of the joint training, shootings will take place at the Novo Selo Training Field and military helicopter training flights.

Source: Joint Bulgarian-American Military Training Starts at Novo Selo Range – – Sofia News Agency


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