Kiril Petkov, co-chair of “We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria” (WCC-DB), backed the “Denkov-Gabriel” cabinet, emphasizing Bulgaria‘s defense strategy focusing on modernizing the army with 21st-century technologies. He argued that relying on outdated Russian equipment might evoke nostalgia but doesn’t match the combat capabilities of modern technologies attainable by the Bulgarian government. Petkov compared F16 and MIG-29 aircraft, highlighting the significant advantage of the former in direct competition.

Addressing parliament, Petkov underscored the true cost of modernization, urging the importance of investments in modern defense systems to safeguard Bulgarian lives and prevent innocent casualties. He stressed the need for concurrent modernization of air and ground defense to align with NATO allies, emphasizing its deterrent effect to prevent Bulgaria from entering wars, ensuring peace.

Nastimir Ananiev, another WCC-DB member, criticized opposing parties, labeling their stance as “political schizophrenia,” denouncing alleged patriotism that contradicts the pursuit of a modern army to attract support.

MP Ivaylo Mirchev rebuffed opposition claims, clarifying that decisions about old armored carriers came from the National Assembly, not the government. He highlighted Bulgaria‘s steps to minimize potential attacks, including the acquisition of Stryker combat machines, aiming to deter potential threats from Eastern adversaries.

Mirchev also clarified that Bulgaria hasn’t depleted its ammunition reserves, renewing them with products from national military factories. He addressed the country’s support to Ukraine, stating it equates to only a fraction of aid, indicating the European Union’s reimbursement for the assistance.

The remarks underscored the importance of modernization in Bulgaria‘s defense strategy to ensure security and deter potential conflicts.

Source: Ex-PM: With Investments in the Army, We will Ensure that Bulgaria Never Enters a War – – Sofia News Agency


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