Vehicles and about 125 personnel from US Army Europe will cross into Bulgaria at the Romanian border and travel to the Novo Selo training ground on February 22 and 24, according to statements by Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry and US Army Europe.

While crossing Bulgaria, the US convoy will be escorted by teams from Bulgaria’s military police, the statement said.

In an earlier announcement, US Army Europe said that the Stryker troop of about 125 soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment would arrive in Bulgaria in a joint training capacity to support Bulgarian-led deterrence and defence efforts.

“The personnel are scheduled to arrive in Bulgaria as a part of our ongoing bilateral security cooperation. This is a part of our broader effort to demonstrate our commitment to our Nato Allies, including Bulgaria, and to bolster their defensive capabilities,” US Army Europe said.

“As always, the United States will remain in close coordination with our Allies and partners to enhance our shared security,” the statement said.

Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry said in an earlier statement that the training exercises in which the US military personnel will participate are expected to end by June 30.

(Archive photo: 2nd Cavalry Regiment Stryker armoured vehicles during a training exercise in 2015)

Source: Defence Ministry: 125 US troops, vehicles arrive in Bulgaria on February 22 for joint training


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