We are used to training groups of Civilians for specific purposes such as ladies self-defence, Active Shooter Response, Civilian Military Skills and general weapon competency. This often means our students ask us “what next” after they complete their initial training courses as they realise that the topic of military skills and tactics is a vast and multi-disciplined subject.

For this reason, we have designed a series of Phase 2 Training packages for students who have successfully completed a two-day weapon competency package,  Civilian Military Skills (1,2 & 3 Suitable for Actors) or Lethal Ladies (Day 1 & 2) courses and show safe & competency with their weapon handling. We are also happy to provide Continuation Training to any individual or Training Provider who has a valid SIA Level 3 Close Protection licence issues in the last three years.

For non-weapon based Continuation Training ( for example First Aid, Armed/Unarmed Combat & Field Craft), students need to have prior experience or previous training history with PrepYou.Eu or any of our partners.

Course Format

Individual Continuation Training is usually held over the last weekend of every month with six different training packages available for groups of eight students or more. Training Providers and other groups can request Continuation Training from PrepYou.Eu on any other dates providing we have a minimum group size of eight students.

In general, Day 1 is spent at our Sofia Training Centre perfecting tactics and “dry” training scenarios on our training areas. Weapons based courses (see below) usually move to one of our ranges to complete the practical and live fire drills for Day 2. Medical and armed/unarmed combat courses tend to be held at the Training areas or Corporate offices.

Continuation Training Packages:

  • Live Fire – Advanced Marksmanship up to 150m
  • Live Fire – Battle Drills – Fire & Manoeuvre & Contact Drills
  • Armed & Unarmed Combat
  • Live Fire – Vehicle Drills
  • Mass-casualty traumatic first aid
  • Field Craft – 2 Days/1 Night

Please note:

  1. If you have not attended any of the above preliminary courses or you are without a valid SIA Licence, you are not eligible for Continuation Weapon Training regardless of your military/law enforcement background. We also reserve the right to exclude any students who have failed the previous courses or otherwise if their Course Report has indicated that the student must attend more weapon safety training.
  2. Non- Weapons based courses such as First Aid, Unarmed combat/self-defense or Field Craft do not require previous training with PrepYou.Eu or our partners.
  3. Your instructors will have the final word on any student participating in live fire training scenarios.