We initially developed a course in early 2017 for Nu Boyana Film Studios to help train their actors and extras so they could appear in more action films. The popularity of the course spread via word of mouth and is now available for any private individual who would like to obtain a basic military skill set regardless of their ambitions in the movie business.


General Info:

The course is delivered over two days, usually on a Saturday & Sunday and is suitable for novices without any prior experience

On Day 1 we start at 0930. We begin at the PrepYou Training Area close to Sofia Airport where we complete “dry learning” of skills and drills. After lunch, we put those skills into practice with a number of training scenarios at the training area. We conduct the live fire element of our training once move to one of our ranges close to Sofia to complete your shoots on Sunday morning at around 1030.

Actors: Confirmation of learning results in certification allowing you to audition for “Armed Actor” roles.

Students will fire well over 120 rounds of live ammunition over the duration of the two-day training package completeing multiple dry and live fire drills.

  • Clothing & Equipment – All equipment required will be supplied by PrepYou. However, it is advised you wear clothes you do not mind destroying whilst you are training and “military-style” clothing or surplus uniforms are recommended. Good, supportive footwear such as a combat boot or similar are also recommended.
  • Accommodation – No overnight accommodation is provided with this two-day course so please make contact if you need help with local hotels or guesthouses.
  • Catering – Lunch is provided in the cost of the course on both days.

The CMS Courses
  • CMS 1 – Skills N’ Drills – Day 1
  • General Info:

Starting at 0930 at our training location this day is spent honing your [on-screen] weapon handling skills, camouflage & concealment, tactics and unarmed combat.

Students will be taken through the British Armies “Six-Section Battle Drills” which consist of:

  1. Battle Preparation
  2. Reaction to effective enemy fire
  3. Locating the enemy
  4. Suppressing the enemy
  5. The Attack
  6. Reorganisation

All lessons are back-up with practical demonstrations delivered by the training team and students themselves and will leave the student ready to attend Day 2, below.

  • CMS 2 – LIve Fire – Day 2
  • General Info:

Starting at 1030 at one of our partner ranges (usually very close to Sofia), we begin by ensuring your weapon handling skills are safe and correct and have been transferred from the training weapon systems you were using the day before to the live weapons you have just been issued. These include:

  • Glock 17/19 9mm Pistols
  • M4/AR 15 Rifle
  • Ak47/74 Rifle
  • 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun

We start off with some basic static shoots from a number of positions including prone (lying down), standing and kneeling to familiarize students with the live weapon systems as well as to begin to teach the Marksmanship Principles which can be applied to any weapon system they encounter after they finished their course with us.

Once Grouping & Zeroing has been achieved and the student is comfortable hitting the target with every shot from a static position, we move onto a set of drills which focus on increasing the confidence, speed and accuracy of the student. These drills include:

  • Safe Load, Unload, Make Ready & Make Safe
  • Rapid magazine changes (in contact)
  • Pistol Draw & engage from 30cm to 15 meters
  • Snap shooting at multiple targets
  • Transition drills from rifle to pistol
  • Movement with a live weapon
  • Use of cover whilst engaging targets
  • And more!

Depending on the student’s safety record and ability, they each usually complete at least 20 live drills in a day.

Students will have full access to all footage and photos for their portfolio with no copyright issues.

This Course is Suitable for Actors!

Bulgaria has a long relationship with the international film industry and Nu Boyana Film Studios is the largest working film studios in Eastern Europe. Recently produced titles include The Expendables (2 & 3), London Has Fallen and The Hitman’s Bodyguard – All multi-million dollar movies with a cast to match!

Due to the amount of qualified actors and extras required to produce these movies, we pass on all persons details (if they so agree), who take part in the CMS course to Nu Boyana Film Studios Casting department for entry in to their database of Actors.   Having liaised with various film Directors this course is suitable for those wishing to gain skills required of actors in action films and allows participants the opportunity to take advantage of these growing number of parts with the increased rates of pay.

Persons that attend our courses gain certification via our British and Bulgarian ex-military instructors (mainly Elite and Special Forces)

These first courses have gone very well but after direct consultation with and at the request of several Producers and Directors, what they say they really want to see is YOUR weapon handling skills and YOU in action!

Most people have seen the YouTube video of Keanu Reeves showing off his immense skills on the range (If not, watch it below!) preparing for Jon Wick II. Although Mr Reeves has been training for many years and it is hard to get anyone to this standard in just three days but we aim to help you to show your skill and proficiency in the best light!

We listened to their advice and have adapted the course again so you can give the Casting Directors what they really want… well trained, safe actors with genuine skills they can build on.

Apart from increasing your skill sets, your instructors first priority after your safety is to ensure you leave us with the most positive experience and skills that you did not have before… many may help you in difficult situations throughout your life!