The pro-Russian party “Vazrazhdane” should be declared unconstitutional and dissolved – this is what the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee insists in an open letter, together with its co-signatories and a total of 121 people with a civil position who supported it, “Dnevnik” reported.

We believe that, in its essence, the activity of this political party is aimed at destroying civil peace and eliminating the constitutionally established democratic order of government in the country by replacing it with a power model based on the trampling of civil rights and freedoms,” it was written in the report to the prosecutor general.

The document states arguments for increasingly open calls for violence against political opponents and Bulgarian citizens who do not share the ideas of “Vazrazhdane“, examples are given of systematic violations of the constitution and the Law on Political Parties, clearly anti-minority positions, actions in public section with the democratic and legal order established in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The report described dozens of examples of threats to send people to Belene (former concentration camp), to annex territory from (North) Macedonia, attacks against cinema projections and peaceful citizens.

In the legal considerations of the signal, it is stated that there is a “permanent anti-democratic orientation of the party‘s activity, which finds an increasingly clear expression in calls for violence against the party‘s opponents or against Bulgarian citizens who do not share its political ideas“.

According to the signatories, “Vazrazhdane” instills hatred and incites discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation. “The party officially supports, and its activists, the use of violence and threats, to prevent peaceful assemblies of Bulgarian citizens. The actions and statements of official party officials are directed against political pluralism,” reads the signal to Sarafov and states that the constitution unconditionally prohibits such organizations.

Another argument for the party‘s dissolution is the visible escalation of the positions held and the language used by “Vazrazhdane“. In this regard, examples are given of how the formation attacks and stops movie screenings, without adequate intervention of the law enforcement authorities. In addition, its activists are calling for a physical confrontation with other politicians: “this ugly scumbag must be destroyed.

We believe that there are a sufficiently wide range of specific facts and circumstances that indicate that the policy of the ‘Vazrazhdane‘ party is aimed at sowing fear and turmoil in society, inciting violence against dissenting Bulgarian citizens, destroying the possibility of political dialogue In general, all these elements of political activity unequivocally express that the political party ‘Vazrazhdane‘ has as its ultimate and main goal the destruction of democracy established by the Constitution of 1991 and the imposition of a new model of governance based on the trampling of the fundamental rights of an unlimited circle of Bulgarian citizens, destroying the foundations of the rule of law and resorting to forms of political repression and terror“, state the BHC and the signatories of the letter.

They warn that part of the Bulgarian citizens are pushed by “Vazrazhdane” towards possible radicalization. Relations with neighboring countries are at risk – with the formulation as an element of a political program of annexing the territory of other sovereign states or parts of them to the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, such as the statements made regarding the Republic of North Macedonia.

Furthermore: The party‘s activity essentially denies political pluralism. The European Convention on Human Rights has been violated. Democracy is threatened by the systematic violation of fundamental rights of citizens and harassment of citizens based on protected grounds, such as ethnicity, nationality, gender and sexual orientation. Examples of overt homophobia and anti-Semitism are described in detail.

We find that the statements of individual representatives of the ‘Vazrazhdane‘ party and its chairman Kostadin Kostadinov engage the political formation as a whole, they are systematic and consistent, and are an expression of the policy pursued by the party, and not isolated statements of individual representatives,” point out the signatories of the report.

With it, the prosecutor general is called upon to verify the truth of the allegations and, based on them, to request the declaration of unconstitutionality and the dissolution of the “Vazrazhdane” political party.

Source: Bulgarian Citizens ask the Chief Prosecutor to Dissolve the pro-Russian Party “Vazrazhdane” – – Sofia News Agency


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