Bulgarian ammunition is causing panic in Russian ranks in close combat, say Ukrainian and foreign military experts who analyze the armaments of the two warring parties in Ukraine. We are talking about thermobaric grenades, manufactured in Bulgaria, which develop a temperature of thousands of degrees and literally melt the enemy’s manpower.

A video has appeared on social networks showing how servicemen from the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces use Bulgarian RTB-7MA thermobaric grenades for an RPG-7 grenade launcher. Military experts on the wp.pl portal explain what the application of the grenades from Bulgaria is and why these ammunitions are currently a nightmare for the Russian army.

Currently, according to experts, Bulgaria is one of the most important suppliers of weapons and ammunition, especially in terms of post-Soviet armaments. Many enterprises operate on the territory of Bulgaria, which produce Russian or Russian-based weapons, which are sold all over the world. According to recent reports, Bulgaria supplied 1/3 of the ammunition used by Ukraine in the initial phase of the war. There was also an investigation on this issue by the German “Die Welt”.

One of the biggest players in the Bulgarian defense industry, the military editors of wp.pl point out, are the Vazov Machine-Building Plants (VMZ) in Sopot and the Arsenal 2000 AD plants in Kazanlak, the latter supplying Ukraine with RTB-7MA grenades. They are seen in use by soldiers of the 241st Brigade.

According to experts, the thermobaric “Arsenal RTB-7MA” turns the RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher into an anti-personnel one.

RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launchers have been an integral weapon in every armed conflict in recent decades. It is a simple weapon that, thanks to the use of super-caliber warheads (larger than the caliber of a grenade launcher), allows the use of many different types of warheads.

Over time, in addition to anti-tank grenades, more sophisticated variants began to appear, such as RTB-7MA thermobaric grenades, designed to eliminate enemy manpower. Like the RPO-A Bumblebee grenade launchers, they use an aerosol explosive that is dispersed into the air immediately before detonation.

As a result, we have a death zone where, in addition to a shock wave with unique characteristics for this type of charge and the consumption of all oxygen, we also have a temperature of several thousand degrees Celsius. The effect of the explosion is very limited outdoors, but the situation changes, for example, if such a grenade falls into a bunker, where the effect increases.

The Arsenal R-7MA grenade has a caliber of 106 mm and a weight of 4.6 kg with a propellant charge and can engage targets up to 200 m with direct fire (straight on) or up to 1.2 km with indirect fire (firing at an angle). The manufacturer also boasts an improved AF72 impact fuse that will detonate even when it hits the target.

Source: Bulgarian Ammunition Incinerates Russian Infantry in Close Combat – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency


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