Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has suggested that Ukraine “get on its knees” and continue to allow “our children to be killed.” This was said by the adviser in the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mykhailo Podolyak, in connection with the statements of the Bulgarian head of state during his participation in the meeting of EU leaders last week.

On Thursday, Radev urged the government not to allow military aid to Ukraine in the future and said that “all diplomatic efforts should be resumed so that we seek a peaceful solution to the conflict.” Moscow has already announced several times that it is ready for peace talks only if Ukraine gives up its territories.

Look, he’s offering Ukraine to get on its knees and accept the decision that Ukraine will no longer have it. I wish this guy would talk like that. That’s how he put the emphasis so that it was clear to everyone what he was proposing. He does not propose peace… He does not propose the main thing – Russia to leave our territory. He bids us get on our knees and continue to allow our children to be killed. This is impossible,” said Podolyak in an interview with Stoyan Georgiev from bTV.

According to him, despite the position of the Bulgarian president, Ukraine treats Bulgaria and its society warmly, which understands what Kyiv is facing.

Podolyak was also asked about the information reported by the German daily “Die Welt” about how Kiril Petkov’s office secretly provided military aid and fuel to Ukraine in the first days of the war through intermediaries. He confirmed that Bulgaria provided aid “at the most difficult moment of the war, but said that the Bulgarian government only had to decide when to speak openly about the aid provided.

We will forever write this in our hearts” and added that Bulgaria is a “wonderful country” and called on the Bulgarians not to stand by Russia, which will be written with “black paint” in history.

Source: Zelensky’s Adviser: Bulgaria’s President does not want Peace. He wants us on Our Knees and Our Children Killed – Novinite.com – Sofia News Agency


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