Britain is considering deploying significant forces within NATO as part of a plan to strengthen Europe’s borders in response to the build-up of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, the British government said on Saturday, Reuters reported.

The United Kingdom says any Russian entry into Ukraine will be met with swift sanctions and will be devastating for both sides.

Johnson is considering the largest possible proposal to NATO members in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, which will double British forces and send defensive weapons to Estonia, the office of the British Prime Minister said. “This package will send a clear message to the Kremlin – we will not tolerate their destabilizing activity and will always stand by our NATO allies in the face of Russian hostility,” Johnson said in a statement.

“I have ordered our armed forces to prepare for deployment in Europe next week to ensure that we are able to support our NATO allies,” he said.

Officials will clarify the details of the British proposal next week in Brussels, where member ministers will discuss military options.

Early next month, Johnson will make a second trip with meetings with NATO heads of government, his office said. He will also hold a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The British foreign and defense ministers will visit Moscow for talks with their Russian counterparts in the coming days to improve relations and de-escalate tensions.


Source: UK is Considering Deploying more Troops within NATO because of Ukraine – – Sofia News Agency


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