Three Bulgarians have been arrested in Great Britain on suspicion of being Russian spies, bTV reported.

They were arrested back in February and are currently behind bars. The collected data indicates that they work for the Russian secret services.

The residents are accused of having identity documents with “dubious content”, all fake. Among them are passports, identity cards and other documents for Great Britain, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and the Czech Republic.

The three accused were detained by counter-terrorist units in London.

Their names are Orlin Rusev, 45, Biser Jambazov, 41, and Katrin Ivanova, 31. All three have been living in Great Britain for years, having worked in various fields and lived in different places.

Orlin Rusev has business ties to Russia. He moved to the Island in 2009 and worked for three years in a technical position in the financial system. According to his LinkedIn profile, he later created a business related to the interception of communications, or simply put – intelligence.

Rusev also worked as an advisor in the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy.

Biser Jambazov worked as a driver for local hospitals and Ivanova was an assistant in a private laboratory.

Djambazov and Ivanova moved to the United Kingdom about 10 years ago and created a local organization that provides Bulgarians with information about the Island, as well as about the cultural and social norms of British society.

According to documents online, they also worked in the election commissions for Bulgaria in the London elections.

To the BBC, neighbors of Jambazov and Ivanova described them as a nice couple. They often brought home-baked cakes as gifts.

At their last home, neighbors say detectives spent considerable time searching the residence.

The three defendants are expected to appear in court in London in January.

Source: Three Bulgarians were arrested in the UK on suspicion of being Russian Spies – – Sofia News Agency


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