General Info:

TAC EX® – Defeat The Drug Cartel!

  • 4 Hour Experience (Morning or Afternoon)

  • Min of 8 people per TAC EX Group

  • Hosted at our Sofia Training Area
  • €69.99 per person including VAT

TAC EX (or Tactical Experience) is a product designed by PrepYou.Eu and is aimed at members of the public (Age 14 years and over) without any prior experience in any of the topics or scenarios covered (below).

TAC EX is a four-hour experience that takes the Escape Room concept to a whole new level providing visitors to our Sofia Training Area a choice of ultra-realistic scenarios, using real actors as fellow participants and the outcome for each scenario can alter based on the choices your TAC EX team make!

You will learn essential, often live saving skills to use on your own TAC EX and to take away with you to use throughout the rest of your life.

Suitable for individuals, groups or corporate team-building, TAC EX puts the pressure on you to make the right decisions to save the day!

Your TAC EX is split into two halves. The first two hours being spent with our British & Bulgarian ex-military instructors who will help you absorb the skills you will need during the next two hours of the actual scenario.

Please note: We deliberately teach in such a way as to help you create a “mindset” approach to each scenario. This is shown to help people prepare for a worst case scenario both in terms of skill set but also mentally. This approach is proven to work with civilians and emergency services alike and although will not totally eliminate the chance of long-term psychological effects (e.g. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD) after exposure to a genuine incident, it can certainly help.

TAC EX® Scenarios

TAC EXLearning Goal OneLearning Goal TwoLearning Goal Three
Attack on the Beach 1 - Hospitality WorkersTraumatic first-aidUnarmed CombatCitadel Procedures
Attack on the Beach 2 - Hospitality Professionals & ManagersCommunication in a crisisActions on Vehicle Borne Suicide Attack (VBSA)Safe weapon handling
School’s Out
- Active Shooter in University
Traumatic first-aidCitadel ProceduresUnarmed Combat
Drive Through – The Aftermath (Vehicle Borne Suicide Attack [VBSA])Traumatic first-aidCommunication in a crisisActions on Vehicle Borne Suicide Attack (VBSA)
The Assault!Camouflage & ConcealmentPairs/Team Fire & ManoeuvreSafe weapon handling
The Ambush!Pairs/Team Fire & ManoeuvreContact Drills
Safe weapon handling
Protect the VIPContact DrillsSafe weapon handlingTraumatic first-aid
Humanitarian Aid – Protect the migrantsConflict resolutionUnarmed CombatTraumatic first-aid inc. Exposure and paediatrics
Contamination!Traumatic first-aidSafe weapon handlingCitadel Procedures
Bust the drug dealers!Safe weapon handlingCamouflage & ConcealmentRoom Clearance/Breaching

Learning Goals Explained:

Traumatic first-aid
This learning goal is a real lifesaver! You will be taught how to stop massive bleeding with the use of tourniquets,  deal with chest wounds using Chest Seals and applying pressure with combat field dressings to name but a few skills you will learn with us. Although we are teaching you for your TAC EX Scenario we guarantee you will be in a position to offer life-saving first aid at the next road traffic accident you pass.

Safe Weapon Handling
TAC EX Scenarios that involve “Safe Weapon Handling” will see students issued with ultra-realistic training rifles and pistols (as well as all safety equipment). Our instructors will teach you how to fire these weapons but they will also show you how to make the “real” (or “live” version) of the weapon safe or actually use it in a real-life situation.

Our instructor will take you through an introduction to Krav Maga, the unarmed combat system. You will learn at least three vital moves to disarm an attacker with a knife, pistol or club!

Citadel Procedures
This learning goal revolves around how to build and defend a central position from attack or further attack. The Citadel is your safe place. Learn to love it!

Pairs/Team Fire & Maneuver
Is the way the military teaches it’s soldiers how to assault across open ground and is the fundamental basics of military teamwork and mutual support.

Contact Drills
What to do when you are “contacted” by the enemy and a firefight follows! How to attack (or withdraw) without losing your whole team!

Camouflage & Concealment
This learning goal will teach you and your team the fundamentals of seeing without being seen and killing without being killed!

Actions on Vehicle Borne Suicide Attack (VBSA)
Totally relevant to today’s world, we look at how to deal with a potential suicide attack by motorized vehicle.

Room Clearance/Breaching
The fundamentals of FIBUA – Fighting in Built Up Areas or as we like to call it; FISH – Fighting In Someone’s House!!