SofiaBulgaria, claims the third position in the ranking of the best European weekend destinations for the year 2024, according to Sofia Airport. This recognition is based on TripAdvisor reviews focusing on each European capital’s nightlife and accommodation costs.

Top Three European Weekend Destinations:

  1. London: Taking the lead, London boasts an impressive 854 highly-ranked bars, clubs, and pubs. However, this vibrant scene is accompanied by a relatively higher accommodation cost of EUR 116.9 per person.
  2. Prague: Securing the second spot, Prague offers a rich tapestry of entertainment and cultural possibilities.
  3. Sofia: The Bulgarian capital, Sofia, proudly claims the third position. With a variety of exciting places and entertainment options, Sofia provides visitors with a choice of 112 bars and clubs, all rated four stars and above. Notably, hotels in Sofia come at a more affordable average cost of EUR 41.9 per person for a night’s stay.

According to Sofia Airport’s data, a significant majority of passengers (69%) traveling to and from Sofia Airport are connected to Schengen countries. With Bulgaria‘s anticipated inclusion in the Schengen area by air and sea starting March 31, travelers can look forward to expedited border controls.

As Sofia continues to enchant visitors with its vibrant offerings and cost-effective accommodations, it solidifies its position as a sought-after weekend destination in 2024.

Source: Sofia Ranks Third in Top European Weekend Getaways for 2024 – – Sofia News Agency

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