PrepYou.EU works with a wide variety of people from all over the world with all types of background. Although a great deal of our business is focused on the private military sector for both military and medical training we also understand private citizens would like to access this knowledge, for a variety of different reasons.

Actors Military Skills Course

With so much emphasis on the current terror threat around the world, it is little wonder we get contacted from both individuals and companies from all over the world asking if we can provide specific training packages.

We have access to a huge array of both Bulgarian and international instructors you are the oracle on topics that include:

  • Mass-casualty situations (terrorist attack, etc)
  • Paramedic first aid
  • Bushcraft and survival
  • Non-lethal weapon training
  • Armed & unarmed combat (Krav Maga)
  • Live fire weapon training on 48 plus weapon systems
  • and everything else in between!

We also cater for groups who would like to come and train with us. Recently we have started working with…

  • Nu Boyana Film Studios – Civilian Military Skills Course
  • UK Preppers – Weapon and survival training
  • International Women’s Club Bulgaria – Lethal Ladies Course
  • UK Airsoft Groups – Airsoft at one of our Training areas before progressing to the 360 Range in Plovdiv.

A typical “Static Shoot” lesson which takes complete beginners to safe and competent shooters in under a day.