A Close Protection Officer is far more than just a bodyguard in the traditional/Hollywood sense of the term and the best on the Circuit tend to be the most rounded ex-military guys who have the widest skill sets. Medical qualifications are therefore an essential part of any CPOs (or MSOs) portfolio and those lacking such qualifications will find it harder and harder to get work especially in more remote of hostile locations.

Specifically for maritime, every MSO will require a current Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) certificate before deployment.

MIRA (Medical in Remote Areas) and FPOS I (First Person on the Scene – Intermediate) are required by almost every employer and are included in most Horizon training courses. Major Incident Medical Management (MIMMS) is the “next level” which sees most students coming from a specific medical background such as nursing, medical doctor or paramedic. 

Our Training Partners

Horizon have been running high-end medical courses in Bulgaria for nearly two years with specific focus on MIRA and FPOS I. Their Chief Medical Manager Tom Johnston (BEM) usually delivers the Horizon courses in Bulgaria and his decades of experience speak for themselves.