The Macedonian site “24 info” published an appeal not to allow Bulgarians to the grave of Gotse Delchev during the celebrations of the 151st anniversary of his birth on February 4 in Skopje.

A call to all patriots. Come with trucks, tractors, cars and other machines and support the protest. People of Kumanovo, we call you at 9 o’clock to block the road to Skopje. Let’s not allow the Bulgarian neo-Nazis to spit on the memory of the giant Gotse Delchev,” reads the appeal published on the website.

The publication also adds that citizens are organizing on social networks to block the road to Kumanovo and then to the capital. People are organizing to prevent Bulgarians and organized Bulgarian groups from going to Gotse Delchev‘s grave. The initiative for a night vigil at Gotse Delchev‘s grave is spreading throughout North Macedonia and abroad.

Source: Provocation after Provocation: Macedonians will Block Roads for Bulgarians Heading to Gotse Delchev’s Grave – – Sofia News Agency


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