Half Day Long Distance Shooting with Optics


This half-day course provides students with the skills to effectively engage targets up to 150M using rifles such as the iconic AK47 & Dragunov Sniper Rifle.



This course is designed for the complete novice and takes around 4-6 hours to complete depending on numbers in the group.

Students will start from basics, learning NSPs (Normal Saftey Procedures) for their weapon systems before quickly progressing to the live-fire ranges for Marksmanship Principles and Grouping and Zeroing – The Fundamentals of Shooting.

Once students have understood how to consistently hit a target at short distances, we move to the longer range (150M) where we apply their new skills at much greater distances before adding optical sights (red dot, Reflex, etc) to the weapon systems to understand how they complement a tactical shooter.

Once students are competent on the custom AK-47s we switch to sniper platforms that include the Dragunov for even more “surgical” shooting at distance.

This course results in an AK47 Weapon Competency Certificate.


We are always asked, “Why do we bother with the iron sight element of the course?”.
Answer – You must understand the basic principles of shooting so you do not build a reliance on technology that can fail you. It is worth noting that even Cooks in the British Army have to pass an AWP (Annual Personal Weapon Test) where they must be able to consistently hit a target at 300M without optics!


The following topics are covered:

  • Normal safety procedures
  • Marksmanship Principles
  • Grouping & Zeroing – Iron Sights/30M
  • Grouping & Zeroing Iron & Optical Sights/150M
  • “Snap Shooting”

Weapon & Ammunition:

  • Custom AK47’s
  • Sniper rifle/s

What’s included:

  • All weapon and range rental
  • All instruction
  • All range safety equipment
  • 80 Rounds of ammunition

What’s not included:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Additional ammunition over your allocation
  • Any catering or beverages
  • Transport


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