“Big Phil” Campions Special Forces Weekend


PrepYou.Eu & “Big Phil” Campion, former 22 SAS Legend, will be holding a two-day/two-night Special Forces experience based around our training centre in Lozen, Sofia.


  1. Advanced Instinctive Shooting — is a method of shooting a firearm quickly and accurately that does not rely on the use of the sights in close quarters, life-threatening situations where there is the greatest chance of being killed. Close-quarters fighting makes it difficult to apply proper marksmanship techniques, which is why point shooting advocates a less sighting-based style of shooting. Instinctive Shooting is also a set of techniques used by trained SF and marksmen to improve general accuracy when using a firearm, or other ranged weapons. By developing a feel for a given weapon such as a pistol, the shooter can become so accustomed to the weapon’s weight and where it is aimed that they can remain relatively accurate without the need to focus on the sights of the gun to aim. By continuously practising with a weapon, a shooter can develop subconscious coordination between their eyes, hands, and brain, utilizing a natural human sense known as proprioception to aid in the proper and accurate use of a ranged weapon to the point that they can fire said weapon by “instinct”.
  2. Use of Cover Tactical training teaches muscle memory and reinforces techniques. The use of cover and concealment, single round semi-automatic engagement versus the three-round burst. Position shooting as in standing, kneeling, sitting and prone, sight adjustments, compensation for weather conditions and clearing the weapon if there happens to be a firearm or ammunition failure. Of course, safe handling is also emphasized. The rifle is the primary tool of the operator and therefore a lot of emphases is placed on the mastery of the rifle. Optical sights improve accuracy but are expensive and subject to damage in the combat environment. Snipers and designated marksman are usually the only troops to use optics to improve accuracy.
  3. Advanced Stoppages – In the battlefield a stoppage can mean a life or death situation, especially when engaged in a firefight. Therefore, it is imperative that a weapon system suffering from a malfunction is returned to a state whereby a soldier can return fire as quickly and efficiently. Re-engaging the enemy and regaining the tactical advantage. This intensive section will introduce you to those skills the SAS way.
  4. SF Weapons Transition — Rifle-to-pistol transitions are a tactical drill any combatant should learn if their life depends on their firearms. If you are going to learn the right way to do rifle-to-pistol transitions Phil will go through and teach the operators way, from proven experience in the battlefield. What Phil is teaching is for tactical situations when your rifle stops working. It could be from your gun going dry to a weapon or ammo malfunction. The transition is the immediate action when faced with a threat if your rifle goes down. Once the threat is eliminated and the scene is secure get your rifle back up and running. The rifle is your primary weapon, and you want it back in the fight if something goes down later.
  5. Night Time Briefings – These briefings are a winding down part of the intensive instruction phases. Phil will be going through some actual tactical briefings, again from missions and situations that he has personally been involved with. These invaluable briefings will give you a personal insight into the situations and planning involved with SAS missions and operations. Phil will also take questions, as we are sure that you will have many.
  6. Barbecue Under the Stars – Pull up a sandbag and get your mess tins out, you have earnt it. An evening barbecue to relax, eat, drink and swing the lamp. What better way to end the day?



Weapons & Ammunition:

  • AK47 (Various models), Glock 17, Sig Pistols

What’s included:

  • All weapon and range rental
  • All instruction
  • All range safety equipment
  • Lunch (Range Lunch Pack)
  • 175 Rounds of ammunition
  • Overnight (Shared) accommodation
  • 3 Meals a day

What’s not included:

  • Additional ammunition over your allocation
  • Beverages


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