PrepYou Cadet – Pilot Program

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PrepYou Cadets is an apolitical and areligious youth organisation for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18 that encourages young adults’ inter-personal development via the learning of “military skills & values” that will have a positive impact on the rest of their adult lives.

Loosely based on the successful format of the British Army Cadet Force, PrepYou Cadets offers teens and young adults an opportunity to develop a whole host of skills based on our core values of courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment

All instruction is delivered in English by native or native-level speakers.



PrepYou Cadets is an apolitical and areligious youth organisation for boys and girls aged of 13 and 18 that encourages inter-personal development via the learning of “military skills & values” which will have a positive impact on the rest of their adult lives.

Loosely based on the successful format of the British UK Army Cadet Force, PrepYou Cadets offers teens and young adults an opportunity to develop a whole host of skills based on our core values of courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment

Whilst under the guidance of our highly-experienced international military instructors, The Cadets will develop a wide knowledge of their natural surroundings via Fieldcraft lessons and exercises. The Cadets will be an asset to their communities with advanced first aid skills training as well as instilling good practices in teamwork, leadership and communication with realistic military and civil training scenarios which will see the Cadets take Command Roles (leadership positions) to resolve the [training] incident successfully.


We will also be developing a Cadet in the Community program in time to further support good causes from environmental to social issues.

All of this is intended to instil our Core Values in the Cadets and to make them better, rounded human beings who constantly think of others before themselves.

And most importantly, it is amazing fun and a great way to make friends that will be with your children for the rest of their lives!

Please Note – From experience, students with acute learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD tend to thrive in this environment!

PrepYou Cadets – Training Team

The PrepYou.Eu Training Team has been operating from its base in Sofia, Bulgaria for nearly 7 years and has trained over 8,000 students including Hollywood actors to “concerned citizens” as well as a large number of families and their children. All PrepYou.Eu Directing Staff (DS) are currently operational in some fields of the security industry. By default, all DS are well vetted but also have local Bulgarian Criminal Record checks completed annually.

We also benefit from the expertise of our PrepYou Educators who are all high-qualified international teaching staff who work alongside the DS to ensure the Cadets are being safeguarded and all Health & Safety elements are applied and demonstrated when working with The Cadets.

All PrepYou DS are also Trauma Medic trained.

Training Days/Location

The majority of training will take place at the PrepYou Team House in Boyana, Sofia which benefits from a (beautiful) and secure environment boasting outdoor training areas, skills ranges and classrooms, all 200m away from the start of the hiking trails we use for our navigation training.

When the Cadets shoot live firearms, they will do so at the PrepYou.Eu training centre in the Village of Lozen.

Cadets meet weekly on Wednesdays with a “Field Weekend” every 12 weeks or so which will include an “Open Day” for parents to come and see their children in action!

Our Syllabus’ Core Principles

  • Progressive Structure: Our cadets steadily progress, building on the foundational knowledge of previous levels. This structured growth can span up to six years.
  • Elective Elements: After Basic Training, Cadets have the freedom to select their learning path, allowing them to pursue subjects they’re most passionate about.
  • Relevance and Alignment: Our syllabus aligns with the UK Cadet Force, focusing on the most pertinent needs and skills of our cadets.
  • Timeline for Progression:
    • Basic Training – 3 months.
    • 1-Star – 9 months.
    • 2-Star – 12 months.
    • 3-Star – 18 months.
    • 4-Star – 6 months.

To earn each star, cadets must complete specific modules that are recorded in our Training Data Management System. Upon completion, they receive a personalised “ZAP Patch” symbolising their achievement.

The Cadet Training Syllabus

  • Military Knowledge: Cadets will delve deep into the history of the Bulgarian Army (and their own nation’s army), understanding its rank structure, traditions, and significance in global history. They will also understand the functions of the different military branches and the personnel inside them. We plan trips to visit local Bulgarian Army Units within this pilot program.
  • Fieldcraft: Stands out as a favourite activity among Army Cadets! The Cadet’s journey begins with mastering the art of personal camouflage, living in the field (cooking, sleeping, washing… general administration) and understanding field movements as an individual in both day and night. As you progress, you’ll be trained to work with an infantry section in the field and, in due time, lead your own section. The thrill of patrolling at night, setting Harbour Areas (a secure camp or patrol base), and navigating mock ambush scenarios offers an adrenaline-packed experience! Beyond the field, the core values of teamwork and communication that you cultivate here will serve you well in various aspects of daily life.
  • First Aid: This is an essential life skill. In the Army Cadets, both adults and cadets are provided with opportunities to learn First Aid. Our syllabus adopts a step-by-step approach, offering cadets the chance to acquire recognised life-saving skills, like those endorsed by our Bulgarian Level 3 Paramedic DS. The cadets will learn and be tested on the principle of Basic Life Support (BLS) right through to more tactical medical applications including knife and gunshot wound (GSW). The relevance of this training in Bulgaria cannot be understated when you consider the number of Road Traffic Accidents, especially involving young people, that require a good degree of trauma training to deal with. PrepYou Cadets will be proud of the fact that despite their age, they are amongst the most highly trained civilian first-aiders in Bulgaria and will not hesitate to act in an emergency.
  • Navigation: Imparts a variety of hands-on skills applicable to daily life scenarios. While most are adept at finding their way to familiar places like local stores or a friend’s home with their smartphones, what would you do if lost in an unfamiliar terrain with no signal? This indispensable skill trains you in the art of map reading and compass navigation. From grasping fundamental symbols like identifying a phone box on a map to mastering advanced techniques like back-bearings and resections, this knowledge becomes crucial when navigating the great outdoors. Cadets NEVER get lost!
  • Communications & Information Systems (CIS): Clear, confident, and effective communication is an indispensable skill in all walks of life. This is the central philosophy behind the CIS training at PrepYou Cadets, where the PMR radio system is a prime tool. As the digital realm expands, cadets have the chance to delve into all modern elements of signalling and communication including cyberspace.
  • Shooting & Skill at Arms: Shooting stands out as one of the thrilling experiences within the PrepYou Cadets, setting it apart from many other youth groups. Engaging in shooting helps instil critical skills, emphasising discipline and safety consciousness, accompanied by a profound sense of accomplishment. All Cadets will be trained to aim precisely with various cadet rifles including our T4E Simulation Weapons right up to full-bore (real) weapon systems used by the Bulgarian Military. However, firing any rifle requires a comprehensive grasp of its operation and crucial safety measures. This is what we do!
A dynamic snapshot from the Advanced Concealed Carry Course, featuring participants immersed in realistic scenarios led by experienced ex-NATO and Law Enforcement professionals. The program, offered in collaboration with TRB Holsters by PrepYou.Eu, focuses on firearm safety, skill development, and split-second decision-making for self-defense. Open to permit holders and students from various countries, the training utilizes both real firearms and T4E Simulation Weapons in scenarios like active shooter drills and car hijackings.
  • Resilience & Questioning: Today’s youth face challenges far more complex than previous generations. The rise of social media has significantly affected young people’s mental health and interpersonal dynamics. Disinformation, often manifesting as propaganda, isn’t limited to state actors or political agendas. Major brands and influencers have also skewed perceptions, with figures like Andrew Tate influencing unhealthy views, especially towards women. This module encourages cadets to critically assess information, verify sources, and form their own informed opinions. Such skills foster a sense of control and empowerment. The PrepYou Training Team, boasting former military experts experienced in working with Special Forces globally, aims to nurture the most mentally resilient cadets.

Cadet Kit & Equipment

All safety & training equipment is provided by PrepYou.Eu.

We will soon be able to provide every element of the Cadet’s uniform and equipment via our friends at www.Juliet4.Com.

The Intended Future of PrepYou.Eu Cadets

Some of the PrepYou.Eu DS were lucky enough to go through the UK Army Cadet force in their childhoods and they truly understand how beneficial the organisation is for teenagers, especially lower-income families.

Unfortunately, as a company, we do not have the resources to provide all of this training and activities free of charge but we would like to open the PrepYou Cadet program to as many young adults in Bulgaria as possible. To that end, we hope to source support from BG Central Government and corporations alike to in time, allow less privileged children in the country to benefit via Sponsorship or Scholarship.

We will also be looking for adult volunteers to assist the PrepYou DS in delivering the training to the Cadets as the program expands.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for PrepYou Cadets

At PrepYou Cadets, we are unequivocally committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of every child under our care. We recognise the paramount importance of safeguarding all children, irrespective of their age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation or identity. They have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse. 

Mr. Justin Kilcullen-Nichols - Safeguarding Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL):

  • Name: Mr. Justin Kilcullen-Nichols
  • Role: Safeguarding and Schools Director
  • Email:

Our safeguarding and child protection policy is not just a statutory requirement; it’s at the heart of our commitment to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all children in our programme.

For any concerns or enquiries regarding our Child Safeguarding Policy, please reach out directly to Mr. Kilcullen-Nichols via the provided email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The PrepYou Cadet program aims to instil discipline, leadership, and teamwork in teens. It provides them with valuable life skills and role models. It’s also a lot of fun!

A: Any teen aged 13-18 with a genuine interest in the program and who meets our basic physical and behavioural requirements is welcome to apply.

A: We are an independent non-political organisation that is not affiliated with any political party, or military organisation. Students are here to have fun and learn, not to be indoctrinated.

A: Cadets are supervised at all times, undergo safety training for all activities, and follow strict safety guidelines.

A: Qualified and trained instructors oversee all activities. All PrepYou Directing Staff have military backgrounds and are well-equipped to handle youth groups.

A: All instructors have advanced First Aid training and carry relevant equipment at all times. By the nature of their previous roles, all PrepYou DS have had more than their fair share of emergency situations.

A: While we encourage physical fitness, we accommodate all skill levels and have tailored programs to ensure every Cadet can participate.

A: Cadets meet once a week, with occasional weekend field-training.

A: Yes, cadets must attend at least 80% of all sessions to remain in good standing.

A: We expect Cadets to be respectful, disciplined, and committed to the program’s values.

From experience, not a great deal is achieved by shouting to get what you want and this applies to training both adults and kids. However, at certain points of the Cadets career, they are expected to give Orders and Words of Command in field training exercises which often means they need to raise their voices for clearer communication. So if anyone is doing any shouting, it is probably the cadets!

A: Confidence and teamwork are the two most noticeable skills seen in Cadets whilst their communication, presentation and leadership skills will also develop as they progress through the programme. Developing important, potentially life saving capabilities in traumatic first-aid, field craft and weapon handling tends to develop confident, well rounded young adults.

Q: Can parents observe or volunteer with the program? A: Absolutely! We have open days where parents can observe, and we always welcome parent volunteers for events.


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