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  • 2 Hour Ladies Only Pistol Course

    This two-hour group lesson is designed for Ladies wishing to learn the basics of shooting from one of Bulgaria’s most accomplished female shooters; Irena Tanova. Irena has a unique training background with the BG Military & Diplomatic Protection Group. 
  • Active_Mass_Shooter_Training_In_Europe Sale!

    Active Shooter Response (Europe/United States)

    This one-day training package is suitable for those working in Retail, Hospitality, Tourism & Education as well as anyone else who spends time around these types of working environments. Delegates are taken through the reasons why mass shootings happen and also look at how to respond from contacting emergency services to becoming the First Responder (if required) in …

  • AR15/M4 Weapon Competency Package

    This half-day course for the M4 or AR15 platform and is designed for the complete novice and will see the student learning fundamental weapon handling skills, range & weapon safety as well as completing 5 live shoots to get their certificates.
  • Field_Craft_and_Survival_Training_in_Sofia_Bulgaria_With_PrepYou.Eu Sale!

    BUG OUT! – Introduction to Fiedcraft & Survival in Eastern Europe (2023)

    This one-day introductory course is designed to expose the students to the practicalities of planning & preparing for a Worst Case Scenario (WCS) and the execution of that plan in the event of a series incident that covers mass-public disorder (Riots & Revolutions), natural disasters (Flooding, earthquake) to foreign nation invasion (See Ukraine).

    The training is delivered …

  • Ladies Only Group Training

    The Ladies Only Group will start in mid-November 2022 from 1130-1400 (1230 Start in Summer Time) and offers the chance to learn alongside more experienced female shooters and Range Saftey Officers.

    The Ladies Only Sunday Session will cover 100% the same training as the mixed groups but with more emphasis on self-defence, first-aid and training scenarios based around …