It was an honor for me to lead a government that was taken down by PeevskiBorissovTrifonov and Mitrofanova (Russia’s Ambassador to Bulgaria)”, said the now-former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov after the successful no-confidence vote that passed today with the votes of 123 MPs.

This vote is just a small step in a very long road. What they (the opposition) didn’t understand was that in such a way they cannot win the Bulgarian people. I promise that we will continue this battle to win over our country. And one day we will have Bulgaria without people ruling from the shadows, without the mafia, a normal country, a successful European country. Thank you!”, said Petkov in his last speech as Prime Minister.

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Source: Petkov: It was an Honor to Lead a Government taken down by the Russian Ambassador, Peevski, Borissov and Trifonov – – Sofia News Agency


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