Much like the Close Protection industry, Maritime Security has seen similar growth, as more and more cargo is transported around the world.  Often the quickest way for these valuable cargoes to reach their customers is to pass through contested international waters, either in close proximity to troubled areas or war zones. Wherever there is a breakdown in government there tends to be an increase in organised crime, and piracy today, is indeed a very organised crime.

With legislation constantly changing, the role of the Maritime Security Officer (MSO)  is one that is ever changing with qualifications needing to be kept up to date and is therefore best suited to individuals with a background in law enforcement or military. We work with a number of training partners based all over Europe who are able to qualify you and your teams in a number of areas including:

  • Maritime Security Officer (MSO)
  • Maritime Firearms Competency Course/s (MFCC)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Our Training Providers

SVS Risk is a British ISO quality assured security company specialising in all areas of security and medical fields. The courses are instructed by experienced and professional experts within their domains. SVS instructors have many years of delivering training to multi-national candidates with outstanding quality and results.

Protocol 360 is a British based firm run by an ex-Master Sniper from the RGJ. Protol 360 is already running MFCC & TCCC courses with us in Bulgaria and will shortly be offering the full MSO training package with us. The company is focused on recruiting MSOs from the UK, Bulgaria and Romania and have contracts waiting for suitable individuals who are qualified with the relevant experience.