In an interview with Sky News, Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of trying to “export” the conflict in Ukraine to her country and others such as Moldova and Georgia.

In the interview given to the media during the Munich Security Conference, Osmani said that Putin is trying to divert the West’s attention from Ukraine by creating other conflicts in Europe, such as in Moldova, Georgia or the Western Balkans.

At a time when Moldova’s government claims Russia is trying to destabilize the country as pro-Russian politicians stage protests in the capital Chisinau, the Kremlin wants to achieve the same in Kosovo through its ally Serbia, said Vjosa Osmani. She added that Russia is using the same methods as in eastern Ukraine to ignite a civil war.

They tried to organize operations under a false flag. They send paramilitary forces disguised as civilians to our territory through illegal routes, and then they also send weapons,” Osmani said.

It is not the first time that Kosovo has accused Russia of helping Serbia to foment separatism among the country’s Serbian minority. The President of Kosovo noted that the international community is not doing enough to stop Russia from interfering in its and other countries’ affairs.

Vjosa Osmani warned against making territorial concessions to the Kremlin as Western allies look for the best way to end the war in Ukraine. “Genocidal regimes should not be rewarded with territories,” she added.

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Source: Kosovo accuses Putin of “Exporting” the Ukrainian War – – Sofia News Agency


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