JayJays is a family run business (Established in 1993) based in “Infantry Training Country” –  Brecon, Mid Wales – Home of the British Armies Infantry Training Centre.

Since they started operating, JayJays has earned a formidable reputation for quality, innovation and service supplying tactical military and medical equipment to both individuals, the UK Ministry of Defence, individual units, Police, Fire and other emergency services. 

PrepYou.Eu is delighted to introduce the highest quality tactical load bearing equipment and webbing systems to Bulgaria and Europe! We are able to supply individuals or units directly from our office in Sofia (Bulgaria) and we are working closely with the good people at JayJays to develop product lines suitable for the Security/Close Protection industry as well as other innovations in tactical and medical load carrying.

Generation 4 Webbing System/s – Info:
Why Polymer? 
  • Weight.
  • Longevity.
  • Secondary blast injury prevention.

Main Features:

  1. Polymer Cobra buckles now used on all our webbing systems.
  2. Polymer D-Rings now used on all our webbing systems.
  3. We have searched long and hard to find the ‘holy-grail’ of D-rings. Each one is capable of holding 185kg.
  4. The Cobra has a breaking strain of 550lbs – They are Strong enough for Cas-Evac and extract. They are NOT brittle.
  5. With no metal parts, they are Jungle friendly. No corrosion, so no oiling needed.  Grit can easily be rinsed out – simple admin.
  6. D-rings can’t spin and damage webbing. With these and other changes, we have kept strength and endurance whilst dropping the weight considerably.
  7. Molle attachments on all sides of pouches and molle on utility lid. Large side release 25 mm ITW Nexus buckles.
  8. Strap point on the 1st and 4th utility allows the lid to be tucked into the pouch when carrying a radio. 
  9. Radio can be moved between the 2 pouches for balance.
  10. Flexible spacer mesh pad with an anti-curve pattern allows air circulation.
  11. Will not hold water. 
  12. Shaped to allow your legs free movement.
  13. The belt is stitched through the back panel of the webbing, fitted with a Polymer Cobra buckle and a tri-glide locking buckle. adjustable for length, it can be easily removed so you can change it to the buckle of your choice.
  14. Polymer D-rings for the yoke attachment points.
  15. JayJays Ultra thread used throughout.
  16. Genuine Multicam MOD and US Mil spec material.
  17. IRR spec.
  18. Designed to fit the standard issued yoke, our molle yoke or under armour yoke. 


    The Gen IV Chameleon is a totally flexible hybrid belt kit system that combines the molle system and permanently fixed pouches.

    For todays Soldier the ability to change their belt kit layout to a specific task is becoming more and more important. Over the many years that JayJays has been manufacturing belt kits we have kept a close eye …


    The Gen IV Commanders is a totally flexible belt kit system where the pouches are permanently fixed to the pad.
    For 20 years JayJays has been the UK market leader in permanently fixed belt kit systems and since the first concept was designed our belt kit has been constantly developed. Subtle design changes and features over the years have made …

  • Jay Jays 9mm Magazine/Multi Tool Pouch

    The 9mm/Multi tool Pouch is a small molle system pouch.
    Designed to carry 9mm ammunition magazines, small knife or Multi tool. A small low profile pouch that can be fitted to the sides of larger pouches.

  • JayJays Fast Belt – Multicam

    The Fast Belt is a 50mm wide low profile quick release utility belt. Hook and loop fastening for guaranteed non-slip retention.

    Available in 3 sizes.

  • JayJays Fast Belt – Tan

    The Fast Belt is a 50mm wide low profile quick release utility belt. Hook and loop fastening for guaranteed non-slip retention.

    Available in 3 sizes.

  • JayJays Jungle Bergan

    The Jungle Bergan is a 110ltr capacity rucksack designed for Hot Jungle climates when belt kit is worn.
    Developed over 3 years with feedback and user trials from some of the best Jungle Warfare instructors in the business. This truly is one of the best all round Bergans for today’s soldiers.

  • JayJays MOLLE Commanders Pouch

    The Commanders Pouch is a molle system pouch that enables the commander on the ground to stow all essential command kit.

  • JayJays MOLLE Double Ammo Pouch

    The Double Ammo Pouch is a molle system pouch for ammunition magazines. This pouch will hold 6 x 30 round 5.56 magazines or 4 x 20 round 7.62 magazines.

  • JayJays MOLLE Frag Grenade Pouch

    The Dump Pouch is a molle system pouch that is used for storing empty ammunition magazines quickly. Designed to fit any molle system or alternatively to JayJays Gen 4 Webbing Systems or JayJays Molle Pads by the 2 rings attached.

  • JayJays MOLLE Pad

    The Molle Pad is a totally flexible 3 row system for use with all molle pouches. This system allows the end user to attach any molle pouches to the pad depending on the task requirements.

  • JayJays MOLLE Single Ammo Pouch

    The Single Ammo Pouch is a molle system pouch for all 5.56 ammunition magazines. The pouch is very low profile and lightweight. Magazine is secured in place with an elastic retention strap and webbing tab.
    Fast and easy access is gained by simply pulling the tab to one side and removing the magazine. When more magazines are required the pouches can …

  • JayJays MOLLE Smoke Grenade Pouch

    The Smoke Grenade Pouch is a molle system pouch. Designed to carry various size smoke grenades. The pouch has a double closure system.

    Fitted with a 25mm side release buckle as well as a Velcro flap, it allows quick access whilst keeping the smoke grenade very secure until time of need. This pouch can also be used to carry other items …